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100 Billion Tons Of Water Found Under Greenland Ice Sheet

The body of water is believed to be bigger than West Virginia, covering some 27,000 square miles. tags: aquifergreenlandice_meltlakereservoirRichard_Forsterrise

Sandhills Hidden Water - a QUEST Nebraska feature

Join renowned nature photographer Mike Forsberg as he documents diverse waterfowl and wildlife across the Great Plains. In Nebraska's ... tags: aquifer bird blue creek environment Forsberg geese

Federal Study Shows Major Decline Of Northwest Water Supplies

With the cool and cloudy spring this year, Washingtonians might find it hard to believe they face a water shortage. But a new federal study ... tags: aquiferColumbia_PlateauDan_PartridgeecologyNews_PoliticsU.S._Geological_Surveyunderground

Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment - IronPRO

Making ground water potable has long been a challenge in rural areas, particularly for agricultural interests. Traditionally, a cumbersome ... tags: airaquifercowdairyfarmgreenhouseground_water

Deep West Video: At The Edge of the Aquifer, a rancher's story

A cowboy realizes his dream of owning his own ranch, only to have the water run dry soon after he acquires the property. This Deep West ... tags: "DeepaquifercowboyElkoentertainmentgatheringranching

The End of an Age

In May of 2008 James Howard Kunstler delivers the latest information with regard to 'The Long Emergency' tags: aquiferdrillingenergyhowardjamesKunstleroil

Ruffles Feathers Over WSU's New Golf Course

There's a new crop growing in the Palouse. It's grass ndash 100 acres of it. It's a worldndashclass golf course on the campus of Washington ... tags: aquiferboardconservationcontrolenvironmentalistfossil_watergolf_course

Cave Fest

Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District BSEACD sponsored its 6th Annual Austin Cave Festival on Saturday, October 27, 2007, at ... tags: aquiferaustinbartoncavescitizen_journalismconservationdistrict