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My little cotton candy & ponys

its kinda odd its most of best night ever and some sister hood I couldnt stop laughting when making this video tags: ApplejackCotton_CandyFallout:_New_VegasFluttershyInsane_Clown_PosseMusicMy_Little_Pony

[SFM Ponies] Hay

I love sfmphys, so awesome. You can find it here and find a tutorial of it here Also can't say enough about Nahka's great work on the ... tags: applejackbroniesbronymlpmy_little_ponyponiesRainbow_Dash

How to Make Shots - Washington Apple

Professional bartender Joshua Dubois pours a tangy Washington Apple shot. tags: ApplejackBarBartendingLiquorPartyShootersShots

How to Make Shots - Stock Market Crash

Professional bartender Joshua Dubois pours a Stock Market Crash shot. tags: ApplejackBarBartendingLiquorPartyShootersShots

Strive Like Applejack

For Magnus.All the info about everything right here in the description.--Presenting Strive Like Applejack, the final installment in ... tags: applejackcastdesertennioFilmfriendshipkid

*LEAKED* My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Extended Introduction Sing-Along

The Extended My little Pony Friendship is Magic Introduction Sing-along by Rebecca Shoichet EnjoyRights belong to HasbroRights belong to ... tags: AlbumAlongApplejackComedyFluttershyInstrumentalIntro

Pinkie Pie - Smile Song (Come on Everypony Smile, Smile, Smile)

I don't care if it was already uploaded, I need this on my channel.LYRICSMy name is Pinkie Pie Helloand I am here to say How ya ... tags: applejackdeedepisode_18Filmfluttershyfriendfriendship_is_magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 2, Episode 18 - A Friend In Deed - 1080p

Support the show we all know and love, buy it from iTunes in 720p seriously, for 3, you can't go wrong loves to make friends and make them ... tags: 1080i1080p480p720papplejackcelestiadash

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men and other barnyard animals often go astray. tags: animationApplejackbroke_legcartoonFarmerFarmer_BrownFilm

Pinkamena Diane Pie's Sweet Pareidolia (1080p HQ) (Link in Description!)

I just made this song about 20 cooler. Immerse yourself into Pinkie Pie's insanity with a ponified version of Elena Siegman's song 'My ... tags: ApplejackBroBronieBronyCelestiaCupcakesDerpy

My Little Pony Physics Presentation

Thank you Equestria Daily for putting this up, to fellow viewers, and of course the bronies. Without you and the awesome fan base, this ... tags: APApplejackBroniesBronyComposedDarkDash