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Antidepressant use linked to Type 2 diabetes

Daily health headlines New research links a common prescription to diabetes, men with low testosterone may face heart disease risk and a ...

How To Tell If You Need Treatment For Depression : How do I know if I need treatment for depression?

Christopher Reist Academic Psychiatrist, Co-Author of Psychiatry gives expert video advice on How do I know if I need treatment for ... tags: anti-depressantspsychiatristtherapisttherapy

Use of Antidepressants Surges in US

A report recently released by the US federal government says that more than one in 10 Americans is taking antidepressant drugs.Powered by ... tags: anti-depressantsdrugsmedicationpharmaceuticalpills

How to advocate for yourself if having anxiety or depression

Psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons discusses ways to advocate for our health if you are suffering from anxiety or depression. He also discusses ... tags: AntidepressantsAnxietyDepressionDr.EmmonsEmpowHERHenry

Anti-depressants don't work - France24

IN THE PAPERS Trials cast doubt on the effectiveness of Prozac. Poll shows that Obama is the best placed candidate to beat McCain. ... tags: anti-depressantsdrugFrancemccainobamapaperspresse

How Anti-depressants Work

How Anti-depressants Work. Video streamed by tags: allthingssciencecomAnti-depressantsbrainserotonin

Pantyhoses, Shaved Legs & Antidepressants, Psychology Sandy

Pantyhose, Shaved Legs Antidepressants Psychology w/ SandyThe history of pantyhose, shaved legs and antidepressant facts. Why do women in ... tags: antidepressantsfactshoselegsnylonpantyhosepharma

A Safe Way to Control Dog Arthritis Pain with D-Phenylalanine

02/14/12 D-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found in dietary supplements. Phenylalanine is also found naturally in ... tags: anti-depressantsd-phenylalanineDog Joint SupplementsL-phenylalaninepregnant dogs

Lexapro (Escitalalopram)

Lexapro, or escitalopram as its known generically, is one of the many prescription drugs used to treat depression. Find out why 18 million ... tags: antidepressantschemical_inbalancedepression_treatmentdrugsescitalopramHealth_Videolexapro

How They Sell Dangerous Psych Drugs You Don't Need | Mental Health Screening Psychetruth

Friend us How They Sell Dangerous Psych Drugs You Don't Need Mental Health Screening Psychetruth Amy Philo and Dr. John ... tags: antidepressantsBiologicalBreedingdangerdangerousdepressiondont

Heaven Can Wait - (Amethios) - Dedicated to Whitney Houston

'Heaven Can Wait' is the latest song by Amethios Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, an online activist and artist who writes socially-conscious ... tags: adverse eventsAmethiosantidepressantscelebrity deathsdepressiondrug deathsHealth Ranger