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Anti-tobacco Videos by Popular

EU diplomats approve new anti-tobacco legislation

European Union diplomats approved new anti-tobacco legislation on Wednesday placing new restrictions on how products are made and sold. ... tags: anti-tobaccoapprovediplomatsEuropeEuropean_UnionHealthLaw

Lehren Bulletin Veena Malik Not Interested In Bigg Boss And More Hot News

Lehren brings to you the most entertaining stories of the day. 'Lehren Bulletin' is your one stop destination for all the latest ... tags: Alianti-tobaccoforGoaGoneKhanSaif

Tobacco Free Florida: Icons

Tobacco companies show you images of what life would be like if you smoked. They tell you tough, hard-working people smoke their ... tags: advertisinganti-tobaccobig tobaccocigarettesFlorida QuitlinehollywoodIcons

Tobacco Free Florida: Frog

Cigarettes contain formaldehyde, the same chemical used to preserve bodies and lab specimens. In fact, tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix ... tags: anti-tobaccochemicalscigarettesformaldehydefrogTobacco Free Floridayouth prevention

How Advertisers Influence Teens To Smoke Cigarettes / Video

How Advertisers Influence Teens To Smoke Cigarettes / Video. Public domain video PSA.Cigarettes Are Addictive -- Once You Start ... tags: abuseaddictaddictedaddictionaddictiveadsanti

Cigarettes Are Addictive -- Once You Start Smoking, It Is Almost Impossible To Stop / Video

Cigarettes Are Addictive -- Once You Start Smoking, It Is Almost Impossible To Stop / Video. From the public domain. A recent Zogby poll ... tags: abuseaddictaddictedaddictionaddictiveadsanti

Don't Dip Snuff / The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco / Educational Video

Don't Dip Snuff / Educational Video. Modified public domain video. Sean Marsee images from Fair Use. Talihina High School's most ... tags: addictaddictedaddictionantianti-chewinganti-smokinganti-snuff

Anti-tobacco magic wand

Another short Media Literacy video made with middle school youth.Cast james valastro tags: anti-tobacco,harryharrypotterLiteracy,mediamedialiteracypotter

Anti-tobacco RANT in under 2 min.

This guy Paul, unloaded on tobacco's long history of targeting youth... need we say more This was filmed in under 20 min. late one ... tags: anti-tobacco,education,Literacy,mediamediaeducationmedialiteracymemefilms