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2011-11-12 Use of kinship terms as forms of address in Chinese culture

John Wakefield describes, in cultural terms, the relevance of how Hong Kong Cantonese speakers teach their children to use kinship terms in ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologyeducationforms_of_addressHong_Kong_Cantoneseinformation_and_communicationkinship_termslanguages

Science Show - 2011-10-29

We are 7 billionPaul Ehrlich published his book The Population Bomb in 1968. And slowly, the bomb has gone off. This weekend marks the ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologyclimate_changeecologyenvironmentNatural_Sciencesscience_and_technologyScience_Medicine

2011-10-23 A scientific view of non-scientific beliefs

Science communicator Dr Craig Cormick from Canberra discusses the fact that a large number of people believe in psychic powers, UFOs, magic ... tags: alternative_therapiesanthropology_and_sociologyanti-vaccinationastrologyBen_GoldacreCarl_Sagancommunity_and_society

2011-10-20 Wade Davis

What is the fate of a people when their language culture disappears How did the Polynesians - centuries ago - navigate the vast South ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologycommunity_and_societyindigenousreligion_and_beliefsscience_and_technologySociety_Culturestrait

2011-08-27 A sac of air

In looking for evidence of the human capacity for speech in the fossil record, whether a sac of air was present in the throat of our ... tags: air_sacanimalsanthropology_and_sociologyhominid_vocalisationinformation_and_communicationlanguage_evolutionLiterature

2011-07-16 The movie The Linguists

The Linguists is a movie that features some of the languages that are on the brink of dying out, and David Harrison and Gregory Anderson's ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologyeducationenduring_voicesenvironmentinformation_and_communicationK._David_Harrisonlanguages

2011-04-03 Futures

We reach into the past to imagine the future - with utopian socialist, William Morris News from Nowhere 1890 the dark scenario of future ... tags: advertisinganthropology_and_sociologyinformation_and_communicationPerforming_Artsscience_and_technologySociety_Culture

2011-03-27 Light and shade

A flick of a switch and then there was a show about the humble light globe, the fluoro tube and that old ultra-violet. But on the flip side ... tags: anthropology_and_sociologyarts_and_entertainmenthuman_interestpeoplePerforming_Artspopular_culturescience_and_technology