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Animatronic Toucan by Animal Makers

This is a pneumatically powered, animatronic toucan with five moves including body rock forward/back, head left/right/center, mouth ... tags: animalmakers dynamic attraction parrot pneumatic animal talking bird talking parrotanimalmakers

Animatronic Sheep Demonstration by Animal Makers

Check out this animatronic sheep When your script needs a directable sheep, we have just the rig Where else can you find an actor like this ... tags: animal animalmakers effects hollywood makers sheep special

Walrus Animatronic Demo by Animal Makers

Video short presents an animatronic walrus rig available for rent at Animal Makers. This cable puppet has been featured in a number of ... tags: animatronic film prop full size halloween piniped realisticanimalmakers

Animatronic Walrus Demo By Animal Makers

Animal Makers presents this animatronic walrus rig, with some behind-the-scenes video from one of the film shoots which features this ... tags: animalmakers animatronic director hollywood performing animal performing walrus prop

Animatronic Caiman Alligator by Animal Makers

This high definition video shows one of Animal Makers' many creations come to life Hollywood special effects helps bring to life this ... tags: animal makers animalmakers animatronic alligators animatronicsanimal makersanimalmakersanimatronic alligators

Animatronic Hamsters Learn to Drive. WATCH OUT!!

Thu, 01 Nov 2007 110405 -0800A behind the scenes look at the testing of a realistic pair of hamsters driving a little red sportscar. These ... tags: animalanimalsanimaltronicsanimal_makersanimatronicsbatteriesbould

Animatronic Cat Makes Faces For All to See

Thu, 01 Nov 2007 110405 -0800A behind the scenes look at this realistic animatronic cat replica. This particular cat was created in Simi ... tags: animalanimalsanimaltronicanimal_makersanimatronicblackblack_cat

Drew Carey Eagle Lift-Off (Animatronic Eagle Puppet)

Wed, 14 Nov 2007 172508 -0800This realistic eagle is just one of several animatronic puppets that we created for the Drew Carey Show. ... tags: animalanimalsanimaltronicsanimal_makersanimatronicsBouldbould_productions