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The World Is Losing Its Biggest Carnivores: Study

A new study from Oregon State finds the majority of the world's largest carnivores have seen a population drop. tags: animal_newscarnivore_studyclimate_changeendangered_animalsglobal_warmingoregon_state_studyscience_news

Researchers Learn Why Prairie Dogs Appear to Do The Wave

Scientists are finally able to explain a peculiar behavior in prairie dogs where a group of them seem to do the wave. Jen Markham has the ... tags: 1982_Los_Angeles_Raidersanimal_newsblack-tailed_prairie_dogscute_animal_videosdancing_prairie_dogsjen_markhamprairie_dogs_dancing

Female Tiger Mauled By Mate At San Diego Zoo

A female tiger was fatally mauled by her intended mate at the San Diego Zoo over the weekend. tags: animal_newsconnor_tigernewsy_videossan_diego_maulingsan_diego_zootiga_tahuntiger_mating

Ancient Cat Fossils Shake Up Domestication Timeline

According to a new study cats may have been living alongside humans as early as 5,300 years ago in Northern China. tags: ancient_catsancient_cat_fossilsanimal_newscatscats_tamedcat_domesticationcat_fossils

Polar bears literally shrinking due to global warming

Tourists from all over the world come to the Polar bear capital of the world Churchill in Canada, to witness migrating bears. The animals ... tags: Animal_NewsArcticBearsCanadaChurchillGlobalLiterally

Were Dogs Domesticated In Europe? Scientists Disagree

A study placing the birthplace of the domestic pooch in Europe is the latest blow in a surprisingly contentious debate. tags: animal_newsdogdog_domesticationdog_domestication_theoriesdog_evolutiondog_videoscience_news

Extremely Rare 'Asian Unicorn' Sighted In Vietnam

The saola or the 'Asian Unicorn' is one of the most threatened animals in the world. It was caught on camera in Vietnam for the first time ... tags: animal_newsasian_unicorncentral_Vietnamconservationenvironmentalistsfirst_time_in_15_yearspoaching

What Your Dog's Wagging Tail Really Means

Researchers say tail wagging to the right might mean the dog is feeling positive emotions, but wagging to the left could indicate negative ...

Elephants Are First Wild Animals to Understand Pointing

A new study of African elephants showed they understand what it means when humans point, something even wild chimps struggle with.

Lost Dog Completes Half-Marathon, is Reunited With Owner

An Evansville-area dog is reunited with his owner and receives a finisher's medal after he ran away and then ran the entire Evansville ...

UPenn Graduates First Class of Working Dogs, Only One Has Job

The Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania graduated its first class of seven dogs, with some training in search-and-rescue, ...

Male Orangutans Communicate Travel Plans to Females

A new study says orangutans will plan their journeys up to a day in advance and announce them to others.