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Amateur Chemists in Russia Spark Amphetamine Craze

Amateur chemists-turned-drug dealers in south Russia are fueling an amphetamine craze providing a cheap high thats flooding the black ... tags: abuseamphetaminedrugmethamphetamineRussiatrafficking

FRANCE24-EN-Crystal meth in Mexico

Crystal meth in MexicoThe streets of Tijuana are awash with meth-amphetamine, a cheap drug produced locally for the American market. The ... tags: addictsamphetaminecheapdrugdrugsmethmix

Stimulant Abuse

When appropriately prescribed by a doctor, stimulants are sure to get you wound up and wired. But abusing a stimulant is never a good idea ... tags: addictamphetaminedepression_treatmentdrugsget_highHealth_VideoMedical

Hair Confirm Drug Test

10/12/11 A 3 Month History of Use It's important that kids learn the dangers of drug use and abuse, and all parents need ... tags: 6-monacteyl abuse Amphetamine child Codeine Confirm danger

Can Pot Cure Meth Addiction?

Check outMental Health Liberation and Anti-Psychiatry Movement Part 2 studying the Marijuana Symposium in Mendocino CA in 2008 to try ... tags: amphetamine marijuana medicalamphetaminemarijuanamedicalmeth

Cocaine boom in Zurich

Cocaine is no longer a high-society drug. Due to falling prices and increased availability, even young teenagers are buying it in Zurich, ... tags: addict addiction amphetamine cocaine coke counselling drug

“Speed - Eine Gesellschaft auf Droge” Vorstellung und Lesung aus dem Buch mit ...

8220Hirngedopte Konkurrenten werden schneller denken, lnger arbeiten, energischer auftreten. Sie werden an ungedopten vorbeiziehen 8221 so ... tags: AmphetaminamphetaminearzneiBerlinconferencecrystalculture

Marion Crane - The Cycle

marion crane thomas hill jasper judge henry mcmillan adam tillis alternative rock metal amphetamine jacksonville your love sucide ... tags: adamalternativeamphetaminebombercranehenryhill

Marion Crane - Sociopath

marion crane sociopath thomas hill jasper judge henry mcmillan adam tillis jacksonville alternative rock metal grunge famous amphetamine ... tags: adamalternativeamphetaminecranefamousgirlgrunge

Ritalin Abuse on Campus (College Health Guru)

Ritalin curbs fatigue, suppresses appetite, and sharpens concentration. It's also highly addictive - and potentially deadly. More Drugs Info tags: abuseaddictaddictionadviceamphetamineblogcampus