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Black boxes in Ford cars track your every move

A black box in Ford automobiles basically tracks your every move. tags: AmericansFordspyingUnited_States

Americans pessimistic about economy in 2014

With a look ahead into 2014, Americans are eagerly waiting for an upswing for the US economy. tags: AmericanseconomypessimisticWashington

New Mexico Supreme Court Supports Same-Sex Marriage

In a unanimous vote, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage is legal, making it the 17th state to do so. tags: 17th_stateamericansgay_marriagelegalmarriage_legalrulingsame_sex

White House Asks North Korea To Release Detained Americans

The White House requested the release of detained Americans Merrill Newman and Kenneth Bae following the release of a peculiar apology from ... tags: americansamericans_detainedcitizensdeeply_concerneddetainedhard_laborkenneth_Bae

Americans demand end to NSA spying program

Over one hundred rights and advocacy groups and thousands of Americans gathered at Capitol Hill to call on Congress to end the massive ...

Obama tells Americans to be fixed in "coming weeks"

Now that order has been restored in the House, U.S. President Barack Obama has a wound to mend -- getting his signature healthcare act to ...

Number of Americans renouncing citizenship soaring

The number of Americans giving up their citizenship has risen considerably this year, but why this is happening has yet to be determined. ...

Gallup Shows Highest-Ever Support for Weed Legalization

For the first time, according to Gallup, most Americans think marijuana should be legal. As many as seven states have ballots on the issue ...

Economic impact: Small businesses hit hardest in shutdown

Small businesses could easily be the hardest hit in the government shutdown, causing a great deal of concern for many Americans. Kai ...

More Americans having children with Indian surrogates

Hundreds of Americans are discovering that surrogacy -- the practice of women willing to carry a couple's unborn child -- is less ...