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Does Having Sex in the Water Prevent Pregnancy?

Sex in the water seems like a great idea. Some folks seem to think that it's not only fun, but that lovemaking in the water acts like a ... tags: Am_I_PregnantContraception_MythsDoes_Water_Kill_SpermHealth_MythHealth_VideoPregnancyPregnant

Pregnancy: Weeks 17 to 20

If you're eating everything in sight, you'll be happy to know that your truck-driver's appetite is a normal, healthy pregnancy symptom ... tags: amniocentesis:_pregnancyam_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 29 to 32

It's back with a vengeance Morning sickness and all those other first trimester symptoms has probably re-appeared during month eight. What ... tags: am_i_pregnantbabybaby_movesbaby_movingbraxton_hicks_contractionsduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancy

When Birth Control Fails

Broken condom Forgotten birth control pill When birth control fails, it's only natural to wonder, 'Am I Pregnant' - but the statistics ... tags: am_i_pregnantbirth_controlbirth_control_pillbroken_condomconceptionpregnancypregnant

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Whether you want a baby, or you aren't ready to be pregnant, waiting for the early signs of pregnancy can be stressful. This video will ... tags: am_I_pregnantbloatingearliest_signs_of_pregnancyearly_pregnancy_symptomsearly_signs_of_pregnancyfirst_signs_of_pregnancyhcg

Pregnancy: Weeks 33 to 36

Oh baby Your no-longer-little one is probably up to six pounds-or more by this point Check out what's happening during the final weeks of ... tags: am_i_pregnantbabybaby_movesbaby_movingbraxton_hicks_contractionsduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancy

Pregnancy: Week 37 and Later

You could safely go into labor any day, although lots of babies like to hold on even past week 40. What can you expect as your pregnancy ... tags: am_i_pregnantbabydeliveryduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 13 to 16

Your baby is about the size of an orange this month...and growing quickly Check out what's happening during weeks thirteen through sixteen. tags: am_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 21 to 24

Your baby's a bruiser He or she will probably reach the one pound mark by week twenty-five. What else can you expect to occur tags: amniocentesisamniotic_fluidam_i_pregnantbabybaby_weightduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancy

Pregnancy: Weeks 25 to 28

Get ready to talk to your tummy Your little one is probably able to hear and recognize your voice by month seven. Here's what to expect ... tags: am_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyedemaeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 5 to 8

Morning sickness Unfortunately This video shows you what to expect during month two of your pregnancy. tags: am_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 9 to 12

During month three, your little one makes the transition from embryo to fetus But what else is going on in your tummy tags: am_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health