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Alzheimers Videos - 2 by Popular

Researchers Reach a 'Turning Point' in Curing Alzheimer's

A U.K. research team believes it has made a breakthrough in finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers: Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease

Daily health headlines Common metal may be behind Alzheimer's, new study says pilots flying at high altitudes risk brain lesions, plus more ...

Sexual Harassment Loophole with Unpaid Interns - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show we talk about awful hotpocket ads, upaid interns are not leagal employees, peanut butter diagnosing Alzheimer's, and ...

Pacemaker-like device studied in Alzheimer's treatment

New research involving a pacemaker-like device for the brain may offer a more effective way to treat Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Paul ...

Exercise linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's: Study

Research at UCLA shows those who burned the most calories through exercise and activity had five-percent more gray matter in their brains. ...

Headlines: Black Friday deals available on the web

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.

Morning Rounds: ICU may lead to dementia

A new study finds nearly three out of four patients treated in the intensive care unit leave with dementia-like symptoms. CBS News chief ...

Study: ICU Stays May Lead to Dementia-Like Brain Symptoms

The study looked at more than 800 ICU patients admitted to two Nashville Medical Centers.

ICU patients often leave with dementia, study shows

A new study examining brain function in more than 800 patients who spent time in the ICU found that 75 percent of patients leave the ...

"Brain gyms" seek to help Alzheimer's patients

Some studies say that both mental and physical exercise could help slow the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Bigad Shaban reports on new ...

Improv and Alzheimer's: Helping patients remember

A unique program using improvisational theater to remind Alzheimer's patients of the roles they used to play in life. Elaine Quijano ...

GPS shoes aid Alzheimer's patients and caretakers

New GPS-enabled shoes help caretakers of Alzheimer's patients find them in case they wander off. Elaine Quijano reports.