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How Algorithms Are Becoming Your New Boss

Gigwalk, the virtual temp agency, is not only redefining how companies cultivate and deploy their workforce, theyre changing how that ...

Computer Program Brings Back Dead Languages

Computer algorithms could bring back dead languages.Language and computer experts from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, ... tags: algorithmscomputerCulturedeadgenerallanguagesnews

Scanning probe precision visual inspection from OGP smartscope

smartscope Scanning probe precision visual inspection is an economical, non-contact measurement systems for quickly scanning any part or ... tags: algorithmsdesignedGagingInspectionLaserManagementmeasurement

33b: Graph Algorithms and Skepticism - Richard Buckland, UNSW

Lecture 33 of Computing2 - Data Structures and Algorithms. In this lecture we ask 'How can we know if Prim's MST algorithm is correct' tags: 2009algorithmalgorithmsandBucklandComp1927Computer

35a: The loneliest number - Richard Buckland UNSW

This is the first part of Lecture 35 in Computing2 The Science of Computer Science aka Comp1927 Data Structures and Algorithms. tags: algorithmsandAustraliaBucklandcomp1927computercomputing

36: Puzzles and Protocols (Abridged version) - Richard Buckland, UNSW

An extension lecture. Just for fun. Not examinable. An expanded version of this video containing the protocol move footage at the end has ... tags: AlgorithmsandAustraliaBucklandByzantineComp1927computer

31: Simple Graph Problems - Richard Buckland UNSW

Lecture 31 Computing 2 Comp1927 Some simple problems on graphs. Spanning trees. Threading a maze. it looks like video still being processed ... tags: 2009algorithmalgorithmsandBFSBridgesBuckland

Photoshop tool reveals your secrets

12/16/11 So most of us know that magazine photos and other ads are very heavily photoshopped. If you see a beauty ad and there are no pores, ... tags: actorsalgorithmsanimationannecameracompressionEdition

About the Project: Fury of Dracula - Richard Buckland

Computing 2 - Lecture 30 Task 2 and Project Admin Richard talks about the steps in the course project. This is just a course admin lecture ... tags: 20092011algorithmsandBucklandCOMP1927computer

Mod-01 Lec-38 Genetic Algorithms

Design and Optimization of Energy Systems by Prof. C. Balaji , Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL ... tags: AlgorithmsGeneticnptelhrd