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The End Is Nigh

Red State 2011 - The End Is Nigh - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks gives a scorching sermon on what8217s wrong with the world and how America ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

The Wrath of God

Red State 2011 - The Wrath of God - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks preaches to his congregation about the wrath of God, and then gives them a ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

We're Not Terrorists!

Red State 2011 - We're Not Terrorists - Keenan John Goodman argues with a colleague about how to best approach the domestic terrorist ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Eye for an Eye

Red State 2011 - Eye for an Eye - As agents Keenan John Goodman and Brooks Kevin Pollak discuss their next course of action, a sudden shot ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Heavenly Trumpets

Red State 2011 - Heavenly Trumpets - When loud trumpet blasts are suddenly heard throughout the valley, Pastor Cooper Michael Parks ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Save the Babies

Red State 2011 - Save the Babies - Cheyenne Kerry Bish begs Jarod Kyle Gallner to help get the children out of the house before the feds ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Federal Raid

Red State 2011 - Federal Raid - Facing heavy resistance from the Cooper clan, Agent Keenan John Goodman leads his men in a raid against the ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Red State - Trailer #1

Red State 2011 - Trailer 1 - A horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America. tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Red State - Trailer #2

Red State 2011 - Trailer 2 - Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter ... tags: AbigailAlexa_NikolasAnna_GunnBetty_AberlinBilly_RayCatherine_McCordCooper_Thornton

Bundy's Escape

Ted Bundy 2002 - Bundy's Escape - Ted Bundy Michael Reilly Burke makes his infamous escape while pretending to be studying up for a case ... tags: Alexa_JagoAlexa_NikolasAlison_WestAnnalee_AutumnBarbara_VincennesBoti_BlissBridget_Butler

Who is Ted Bundy?

Ted Bundy 2002 - Who is Ted Bundy - Lee Boti Bliss and her husband watch the evening news discussing ed Bundy8217s execution, which leads ... tags: Alexa_JagoAlexa_NikolasAlison_WestAnnalee_AutumnBarbara_VincennesBoti_BlissBridget_Butler

First Arrest

Ted Bundy 2002 - First Arrest - Ted Michael Reilly Burke gets arrested for the first time and is questioned by a Salt Lake City Detective ... tags: Alexa_JagoAlexa_NikolasAlison_WestAnnalee_AutumnBarbara_VincennesBoti_BlissBridget_Butler