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Alcohol Abuse Videos by Popular

Rep. Trey Radel checks in to rehab

Rep. Trey Radel R-Fla. checks into a Florida rehab facility after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine. tags: alcoholalcoholismalcohol_abusecocainecocaine_chargecocaine_possessioncoke

Rep. Radel takes leave of absence

Rep. Trey Radel R-Fla. says he will take a leave of absence after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine Wednesday. tags: addictionalcoholalcoholismalcoholism_treatmentalcohol_abuseAmy_Wegmann_Radelanti-drugs

Deputy accused of driving drunk with child in car

A Volusia County deputy is on administrative leave after being charged with DUI in her marked vehicle while her 7-year-old child was in the ...

Les Rumeurs Du Jour

Julianne Hough trouve l'quilibre dans sa relation avec Ryan Seacrest, Daniel Radcliffe faisait trop la fte, David Beckham aime ses caleons ... tags: alcohol_abusebalancebaldchicago_bearsdaily_gossipdaniel_radcliffeGary_Oldman

Latest Celebrity Gossip

Julianne Hough has a great relationship with Ryan Seacrest, Daniel Radcliffe partied hard back in the day, David Beckham likes his long ... tags: alcohol_abusebalancebaldChicago_BearsDaniel_RadcliffeEntertainmentGary_Oldman

Study: Binge Drinking On the Rise

The CDC reports binge drinking isn't just limited to college students. tags: alcoholalcoholic_beveragealcoholismalcohol_abusebinge_drinkingbinge_drinking_reportcdc

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Many people who have bipolar disorder also struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. The problem is that addiction often makes bipolar ... tags: addictionalcoholicalcoholismalcohol_abusebipolar_addictbipolar_effectsdisorders_bipolar

The End Result of Alcoholism

Many people are able to responsibly use alcohol. However, repeated alcohol abuse or a diagnosis of alcoholism can both lead to severe ... tags: addictionalcoholicalcoholismalcohol_abusealcohol_dangers:_Alcoholalcohol_rehabcirrhosis

How to Help an Alcoholic

You can't save people from themselves, but you can set your boundaries if you want to help an alcoholic. tags: abuseHowAlcoholicalcohol_abusealcohol_rehabdrinking_problemsHealth_Substance_AbuseHelp

Steven's Alcohol Wake-Up Call

While in jail, Steven comes face-to-face with a family whose lives were forever changed by a drunk driver. tags: Alcoholalcohol_abusealcohol_addictionAlcohol_Drinkingalcohol_effectsCalldriving

Arrested For DUI Fatality

To open his eyes to the fatal effects drinking and driving can have, Jillian puts Steven through a harrowing simulation. Watch as Steven is ... tags: alcohol_abuseArresteddrivingDriving_When_IntoxicatedDUIDUI_Arrest_SimulationDUI_Effects