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Grayson on Gingrich: "A Dumb Person's Idea of What a Smart Person Looks Like"

Former congressman and current congressional candidate Alan Grayson D-Florida lambasted Newt Gingrich and some of the other GOP ... tags: AlanAlan GraysonGraysonMartin BashirMSNBCNewt GingrichRep

Grayson on the Republicans: A Constituency of Two... One Koch Brother and the Other Koch Brother.

Alan Grayson D-Orlando appears on the premiere of The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur on CurrentTV. Grayson speaks in favor of extending the ... tags: AlanAlan GraysonCenk UygurGraysonPayroll Tax CutRepThe Young Turks

Grayson on Dealing With Republicans: "Be Tough. It's the Only Thing They Understand"

Alan Grayson D-Orlando denounces the actions of the Republicans in the House, who are holding the sick, poor and unemployed hostage with ... tags: AlanAlan GraysonEd ShowGraysonRepRepublicans

Alan Grayson on Frank Luntz's Wordplay: Searching For The New Lie

Former congressman and current congressional candidate Alan Grayson D-Orlando criticizes the Republican Party's use of Frank Luntz and his ... tags: Alan Frank Luntz Grayson MSNBC Rep The Ed ShowAlan

Grayson on the Fed: Corporate Welfare Pure and Simple

Alan Grayson D-Orlando exposes the Federal Reserve's bailout of Wall Street. The Fed handed out trillions of dollars to banks and charged ... tags: Alan Countdown Fed Federal Reserve Grayson Keith Olbermann Rep

Grayson on the Fed bailout: "If you're not a Wall Street bank, you're screwed"

Former congressman Alan Grayson D-Orlando exposes the Fed's abuse of power during the financial crisis. He highlights the fact that the Fed ... tags: Alan Fed Grayson politicsnation RepAlanAlan Grayson

Alan Grayson: Wall Street Fears Elizabeth Warren. She Can't Be Bought

Alan Grayson D-Orlando highlights Elizabeth Warren's campaign which, like Grayon's, raises money from small donors who want nothing in ... tags: Al Sharpton Alan Elizabeth Warren Grayson politicsnation RepAl Sharpton

Grayson: It's Class Warfare vs. Class Surrender

Alan Grayson D-Fla. appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to combat the misguided remarks of Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wisconsin regarding the income gap ... tags: Alan Class Warfare Grayson MSNBC Paul Ryan Rep The Ed Show