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Chaos and despair in Aleppo

Scenes of chaos and despair in Aleppo as residents scramble in the aftermath of a barrage of government strikes. The video, which can not ... tags: al-AssadsAleppoandbeenChaosforcesDeborahhave

Homes become the frontline in Aleppo

Rebel fighters enter the remains of a house in Aleppo's Old City. What was once a home is now a frontline. Last week government forces ...

Syrian rebels fight Assad forces in key Idlib town

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION New video shows rebels from the Free Syrian Army firing on positions said to be held by President Bashar ...

Syria premier defects to anti-Assad opposition

Blasts echo through the streets of Aleppo -- and thick smoke fills the air. This amateur video, which was posted to a social media website, ... tags: al-AssadsAleppoBashardefectsfromhigh-profileone

Rebels try to retake lost ground in Aleppo

Rebels try to retake lost ground in Aleppo. Amateur video out of Syria which could not be independently verified by Reuters appears to show ... tags: al-AssadsAleppoAmateurandDeborahfightingground

Syrian rebel commander claims government troops ordered to target journalists

A commander of a Syrian opposition militia group says that the regime of President Bashar al-Assad instructed its forces to kill foreign ... tags: al-Assadscommanderdeliberatelygrouporderedpresidentregime

Syrians stage peaceful anti-government protest

Syrians march in the town of Binnish, in a peaceful demonstration against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. Nearly 18 months since the ... tags: al-AssadsAmateurmarchingpeacefulprotestreportsReuters

Attacks continue as UN envoy seeks regional solution to conflict

Plumes of smoke rise into the northern Syrian sky. Footage obtained by Shaam News Network, which cannot be indepedently verified by ... tags: al-AssadsconflictfindmeetsofficialsPresidentseveral

Damascus comes under ground, air attacks

Everywhere in and around Damascus, evidence of war. Blown out streets after a car bomb tore through this district in Darayya. And smoke ... tags: al-AssadsandaroundattacksFightersGembaraintensified

Damascus fighting intensifies

Syrians bury their dead - victims of an unrelenting battle that has lasted nearly two years. Amateur footage also purportedly shows ... tags: againal-Assadsbringpowerpresidentspurportedlyrebels

Russian ally says Assad's days numbered

EDIT CONTAINS 43 MATERIAL Tough words from Syria's most important ally. Russia Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. SOUNDBITE Russian with ... tags: al-AssadsandarechancesMinisterPresidentRussian

Homs reduced to rubble

Under fire in Homs. Explosions rocked the Syrian city on Sunday as the military racheted up its attacks on the rebel stronghold which ... tags: al-AssadsandcityflamingGembaragroundHoms