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Scientists Create Pulsating Synthetic Jellyfish from Rat Heart Cells

Researchers at Harvard and Caltech have bio-engineered an artificial jellyfish using silicone and rat heart cells. tags: ailmentsartificialbiologicalbiotechheartjellyfishreplacement

Doctor Looks to China for Spinal Injury "Cure"

One of the world's leading researchers into spinal cord injuries says China could hold the key to a cure that he has been searching for ... tags: ailmentscordcuresinjurymedicalresearchspinal

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Haunts South Africa

South Africa has the world's highest measured rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, caused by mothers binge drinking during pregnancy. In some ... tags: Africaailmentsalcoholbrainchildcuresdamage

Decapitated Woman Saved by Doctors

The woman you'll meet in this story lost her head in a car accident and she is still alive See how doctors re-attached it.Powered by ... tags: ailmentscordcurecuresinjurymedicalspinal

New Asthma Treatment Helps Sufferers

A new procedure to treat asthma called 'Bronchial Thermoplasty' has sufferers of the ailment breathing easy.Powered by ... tags: ailmentsasthmabreathcuresmedicalmuscleof

DHA May Decrease Infant Colds

DHA supplements could help babies fight off illnessPowered by Producer Cleveland Clinic tags: ailmentscuresfetusillnessinfantmedicalomega-3

Woman Gets Voice Back After 30 Years

With barely a whisper for 3 decades a New England woman regains her voice after surgery at the Cleveland ClinicPowered by ... tags: ailmentsClevelandCliniccurecuresmedicalsound

Fixing a Tremor by Playing Violin During Surgery

One patient, who suffered from a brain tremor, saw his violin career slipping away from him. But a brain surgery with Mayo Clinic, in which ... tags: ailmentsbrainclinicessentialmayoneurologyneurosurgeon

An Educational Tool to Combat Breast Cancer

Doctors at Mayo Clinic have developed a new educational tool to help women with breast cancer decide how to treat the illness.Powered by ... tags: ailmentsbreastcancerchemotherapyclinicdiagnosisinformation

Research Hopes to Treat Diabetic Gastroparesis

Mayo Clinic doctors have developed a clinical trial to combat diabetic gastroparesis, or a constant feeling of nausea in the ... tags: ailmentsclinicclinicalhopemayomedicalresearch

Media Misdiagnoses Pres. Clinton's Ailments

The news media spent most of Thursday and Friday speculating about why former President Bill Clinton was admitted to the hospital. tags: ailmentsBillClintonformerhospitalmediamisdiagnoses

Terry and Joe Graedon on Home Remedies to Common Ailments

Health authors Terry and Joe Graedon of The People's Pharmacy offer up home remedies for common ailments. tags: AilmentsburnsCommonginhealthy_foodHealth_Alternativehelps