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Afghanistan War Videos - 3 by Popular

Obama Continues No-Bid Contracts For Wars

A new report shows that billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted by no-bid contracts that began under the Bush Administration for military ... tags: afghanistanwar Blackwater bushiraq cenkuygur cheneyiraq Haliburton iraqwar

Wartime Contractors Costing Us Too Much?

A report released by a bipartisan Congressional commission revealed the U.S. wasted between 30B - 60B dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. tags: afghanistan_warafghanistan_war_costcongress_war_commissioniraq_wariraq_war_costUSwar_commission

Dogs Kill More People Than Terrorists

08/27/11 has a chart showing that more people died from dog bites and lightning strikes last year than from terrorist attacks. The ... tags: afghanistanwar alqaeda binladendead costofafghanistan democratswar dogbitesterrorism fightingterrorism

Obama Extending Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

New reports claim the Obama Administration is on the verge of deals that would keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for years to come. The ... tags: afghanistancasualtiesafghanistanobamaafghanistantroopsafghanistanwarafghanistanwithdrawaltimetablebushiraqwarcenkuygur

Army Ranger Suicide Before 9th Deployment To Iraq/Afghanistan

An Army Ranger committed suicide and his widow says it's because he couldn't come to grips with what he'd seen and done in Iraq and ... tags: afghanistandeployments afghanistanptsd afghanistansuicide anakasparian cenkuygur iraqdeployments iraqptsd

Elite Forces in Afghanistan

Matthew Irvine,research assistant at the Center for a New American Security andauthor of the report 'Beyond Afghanistan A Regional ... tags: afghanistan_warartsArts_LiteraturebryanEducationHistorylerer