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60" : Explosion, ambitions, passion

L'image Attentat meurtrier en Indonsie - CNNLa phrase Barack Obama a de l'ambition pour la jeunesse afro-amricaine - NAACPL'objet trouv ... tags: affirmativeafro-américainambitionamourarteattentatdiscrimintaion

Supreme Court Takes On Michigan Affirmative Action Case

The Supreme Court will revisit the debate over affirmative action for the time this year. tags: actionaffirmativecourtmichiganofsupremeuniversity

How does the Supreme Court decide which cases it will take? Ask USA TODAY

Which cases will the Supreme Court take Editorial writer George Hager explains how the nine justices decide in his answer to this reader ... tags: actionaffirmativecourtEditorialgayinterracialmarriage

United States Supreme Court Breaking News: Give Us New Voting Rights Act

Give us new Voting Rights Act Supreme Court Could Make History on Same-Sex Marriage, or Not High court sends back Texas race-based plan tags: actionAffirmativeCourtinequalitymarriageSame-sexSocial

Supreme Court Sends Affirmative Action Case Back Home

The long awaited decision regarding Fisher Vs. The University Of Texas was handed out by The Supreme Court. Abigail Fisher started the case ... tags: actionadmissionaffirmativecollegecourtrulesruling

SCOTUS Sends Affirmative Action Case Back to Lower Court

Dubbed a 'punt' by the media, the court's decision leaves affirmative action in tact, but raises the standard for its implementation. tags: actionadmissionaffirmativeapplicationcasecollegedecision

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Against Univ. of Texas Affirmative Action Policy

The Supreme Court on Monday allowed affirmative action to survive in college admissions but imposed a tough legal standard, ruling that ... tags: AffirmativeAgainstCourtDigitalOraPolicyRules

White Girl Sues in the Name of Anti-Affirmative Action

Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook Hoping to change the use of race in the college admissions process, 23-year-old LSU graduate ... tags: abigailactionaffirmativeanticourtdiscriminationfisher

The Legal End of Affirmative Action?

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear 'Fisher v. University of Texas.' This case could bring about the end of college admissions ... tags: abigail_fisheractionaffirmativeAffirmative_actionEducationGovernment_OrganizationsGrutter_v_Bollinger

Tricia Rose and Raul Reyes disagree with Cenk that affirmative action 'reinforces stereotypes'

USA Today's Raul Reyes and Professor Tricia Rose join Cenk's power panel to debate whether the US is ready to eliminate affirmative action. ... tags: 2012ActionAffirmativeCenkCommentaryCurrentElection