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Canadian Chinook Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan

Four Canadian soldiers are injured, one of them seriously, when a Chinook helicopter crashes in a remote part of Panjwaii district in ... tags: af-pakAfghanistanchinookconflictcrashhelicopterin

Four Blasts in Pakistani City

A series of blasts near police stations in the northeastern Pakistani city of Gujranwala created panic and damaged several buildings. One ... tags: af-pakalertchiefdamageexplosivehighmilitants

Karzai: Foreign Plumbers Can Leave

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has accused foreign reconstruction and security units of obstructing progress and stability in his ... tags: af-pakafghanAfghanistanconflictHamidKabulKarzai

Canadian Special Forces Encouraged to Commit War Crimes?

A member of Canada's elite special forces unit says he felt his peers were being 'encouraged' by the Canadian Forces chain of command to ... tags: af-pakAfghanistancanadianconflictforcesininvestigation

Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan Offers Resignation

In anticipation of the WikiLeaks release of a note containing criticisms of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Canadian ambassador to ... tags: af-pakafghanAfghanistanconflictforeignHamidKarzai

Canada Planning to Keep Non-Combat Troops Post-2011

Canada would keep as many as 1,000 troops in Kabul as part of a plan to extend the country's mission in Afghanistan and convert it into a ... tags: af-pakafghanistanCanadaignatieffinJohnManley

US Army Amassing Biometric Data In Afghanistan

US soldiers have been dramatically increasing the vast database of biometric information collected from Afghans living in the most wartorn ... tags: af-pakafghanAfghanistancollectionconflictdatafingerprints

US-Pakistan Talks Set to Begin on Counter-Terrorism Funds

The United States hopes to repair ties with Pakistan, damaged by US military strikes, with a 2 billion security plan, senior US officials ... tags: af-pakalconflictfightnationalnegotiationsPakistan

Canadian Soldier Discharged but Not Going to Jail

Capt. Robert Semrau, a Canadian soldier convicted of disgraceful conduct for shooting a wounded Afghan insurgent in 2008, has been ... tags: af-pakafghanistanCanadaconflictinwar

Pakistan Shuts NATO Route In Protest

Pakistanis are outraged by NATO strikes on their side of the border. The fourth strike in a week by coalition helicopters killed three ... tags: af-pakconflictnatoPakistanprotestroutestrike

US Contractor Accused of Fraud Gets New Contracts

Neither a whistleblower's computer disk full of incriminating documents nor a trail of allegations of waste, fraud and shoddy construction, ... tags: af-pakafghanAfghanistanconflictcontractordefensereconstruction

Hundreds of Inmates Escape Kandahar Prison

Taliban insurgents dug a more than 320-meter tunnel into the main jail in Kandahar city and whisked out more than 480 prisoners, most of ... tags: af-pakafghanistanconflictininmatekandaharmilitant