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Administration Videos - 7 by Popular

All administrations secretive, manipulative of press

Bob Schieffer looks at the 100th anniversary of presidential press conferences and sums up his view of the White House's relationship with ...

In Asia, Obama's No-show Is A Boost For China's Xi

BEIJING AP - President Barack Obama has called off a trip to Asia just as China's president is being feted in regional capitals ahead of ...

As Last Paychecks Roll In For Federal Workers, Frustration And Fear Sink In

It's one thing for the government shutdown to sink your family vacation to Dry Tortugas National Park. But the budget fight is shifting ...

Greenville NOAA office fully staffed as Tropical Storm Karen strengthens

The government shutdown is causing NOAA's website to be unavailable, but people are still working in the Greenville Office.

Will Obama Travel During Shutdown?

President Obama has an Asia trip set for next week will a government shutdown interfere Obama is scheduled to leave Saturday Oct 5', on a ...

New Commercial Supply Ship Reaches Space Station

NASA's newest delivery service has finally made it to the International Space Station. After a week's delay, Orbital Science Corp.'s Cygnus ...

Netanyahu To Make Case Against Iran During U.S. Visit

Analysts say Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has little chance of persuading President Obama and the international community that ...

Electric car batteries creating U.S. jobs

The Obama administration is spending big in an effort to bring the global market for lithium batteries for electric cars back to America. ...

Obama reacts to Qaddafi's death

The Obama Administration has had its say on the death of Muammar Qaddafi. Bill Plante reports from the White House.

Pentagon said mulling big budget cuts

The Obama Administration is reportedly considering unprecedented cuts in military spending, including medical and retirement benefits for ...

Morning-after pill axed for young teenagers

In a surprise decision by the Obama administration, young teenagers will not be allowed access to Plan B, the morning-after emergency ...

New pilot fatigue regs long overdue: Expert

The Federal Aviation Administration is announcing new airline regulations to reduce pilot fatigue. CBS News transportation safety analyst ...