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Military families struggle to re-acclimate after deployment

More than 10 years of war have taken a toll on military families. Many returning soldiers and their families find it hard getting back to ...

Reduce computer-related eyestrain

If you spend long hours working at a computer, as many of us do, you may find yourself suffering from eyestrain. Sharon Vaknin offers five ...

How To Use An Archery Sight

A sight adds another layer of consistency to your shooting and lets you adjust your aim. In this Videojug guide Michael Peart, professional ... tags: adjustaimbowhowsighttouse

Adjust Rear Shock for Passenger

It makes quite a difference on corners and when braking hard I noticed. tags: adjusthowmotorcyclepassengerrideshock

Adjusting Motorcycle Idle / Random - GH3

This video is better than the last one.....but not as good as the next one. tags: adjustblogidlem13motorcyclerandom

How to Adjust Tire Pressure for Hot/Cold Weather

How to adjust tyre pressure for hot or cold weather. tags: adjusthowpressuretiretyrewheel

How To Adjust Bike Brakes

This VideoJug film shows you how to adjust the brakes on your bike with basic tools. Adjust the tension and stop squeaking noises with ... tags: adjustbicyclesbikebikesbrakes

How To Adjust A Bicycle Seat

As everyone around you is 'going green', you may decide that biking instead of driving would be a great way to help out the environment. ... tags: adjustbicyclebicyclesbikebikesseat

How To Repair Drum Brakes

This VideoJug clip tells you everything you need to know to repair car drum brakes. Here's our step-by-step guide to get your car back on ... tags: adjustautobrakescarcleanerclutchdrum

Manage Multiple Windows by Peeking Through - Tekzilla Daily Tip

Wondering what window you have open behind the other With this app, you can make your windows transparent to manag your windows better tags: adjustbelmontdailymanagementseetekzillathrough

How to set the media volume on your Android phone

On the Android phone you can set the volume for media to be different from your phone volume. A Internet tutorial by tags: adjustandroidcellulargooglehowtolearnmobile