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How Much Food Do You Drink?

Here's a breakdown of the food equivalents in calories of your favorite drinks. Margarita = taco. tags: alcoholamountbeerCaloriescheesedrinkHealth

Study shows 2 cups of milk is enough for children

Many parents give their children milk because it's loaded with vita that can keep the brain and bones healthy. But as Tara Mergener ...

Australia's angry summers to get angrier

A new report released by Australia's Climate Commission predicts more extreme weather ahead for the continent. Network 10 Australia's ...

Rare October snowstorm kills 3

Freak snowfall in the Northeast left more than two million without power, at least three dead, and emergency conditions in four states. ...

Rare gold coin sells for nearly priceless amount

A rare 1880 gold coin isn't priceless, but it's close. The 4 dollar USD Coiled Hair Stella, which was struck in the U.S. but never released ...

How Much Practice is Too Much?

People seem to learn quicker WITHOUT too much practice. tags: amounthowmuchpracticeshouldtimeto

[ISS] Video Showing Sheer Amount of Cargo STS-135 Has Brought

Satoshi Furukawa shot this video this morning from the International Space Station showing the sheer amount of cargo the STS-135 Space ... tags: amountcargointernationalisssheerspacestation

CloutsnChara's Big Birthday Bash! Loads of Free Giveaways and Contests!

August 9th event details Award details Stars for fresh out of the shower hat hair tags: amountandbelievecardsfreehockeynot

Etihad pays token amount of $70 million to Jet : Sources

Etihad pays token amount of 70 million to Jet Sources For a quick look at the Day's top business and finance stories, tune into ET Now ... tags: acquisitionsAirwaysamountandETEtihadJet

How To Prevent Panic Attacks

This video is about helping people prevent panic attacks using some simple methods. You will discover various ways you can mentally and ... tags: amountanxietyattacksdiaryofpanicright

Double Time Massage - Manny The Massage Mannequin

How do massage clients handle being late for their massage appointment tags: amountclientDoubleextrafulllatemassage