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Sweet surprise from 3D printer

By Leanne RinneThe 3D printers can produce sweets using chocolate or sugar flavoured with vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon ... tags: 3D3D_printerconsumer_electronics_showprinterproducedsweet

3D Printer Round-Up: Printing Food, Laser Printing, and More! - CES 2014 - Tekzilla Bites

There was an entire pavilion dedicated to 3D printing at CES this year, and after showing you tons over the past couple days, there are ... tags: 3d_printer3d_printingces2014ces_2014chefjetconsumer_electronics_showmaker

Top Tech Toys for Women in 2013

Flashy Addition to iPhone. MakerBot 3-D Printer in Time for the Holidays. No More Woof Your Pet Wants to Talk to You. Workout Clothes Track ... tags: 3D_PrinterdogsexerciseFacebookiPhoneKickstarterLightstrap

Homemade '3D printer' spikes jello shots with infused designs (video)

his is a close-up of my figures-in-jello-printing 3d-printer hack. Content of the shot glasses is jello duh, printing fluid is a mixture of ... tags: 3d3D_printerfluidhigh_techhomemadehomemade_3D_printerjello

Car Made from 3-D Printer Could Be World's 'Greenest' Vehicle

Introducing URBEE. It's the world's very first car engineered using 3-D printing technology. It's also incredibly environmental friendly. ... tags: 3-D_printerandrew_dymburtbelgiumdavid_reisgreenest_cargreen_energyMinnesota

Doppelgänger on Demand | Euromaxx

In a world where you can get almost anything online, the Berlin-based start-up Twinkid is carving out a niche with 3-D printed, life-like ... tags: 3_d_printer3_d_technologydeutsche_welledoppelgängerdweuromaxxfigurines

Dad Builds Son Prosthetic Hand With 3-D Printer

Leon McCarthy was born missing his fingers on his left hand because of restrictive blood flow in the womb. But with the help of a ...

Asda 3D printer builds mini versions of you

Asda, Britain's number two retailer, is offering customers a chance to be scanned and made into a detailed miniature figurine, using a 3D ...

Afinia's approachable, powerful H479 3D printer

It's not perfect, but Afinia's H479 strikes the right balance between performance and ease-of-use.

More Makerbot Thingies from the Thingiverse

This week's amazing Robot Hospital adventure features a tip from Sam on mold-making using Matt's support settings, complete with Pykrete ... tags: 3d_object_creation3D_PrinterforfromMakerbotmakerbot_creationsmaking

The Makerbot Prints Upside Down

This week's installment of the wackiest weekly webshow about 3d Printing with MakerBots includes a demonstration of one of the ... tags: 3d_head_bust3d_object_creation3D_PrinterDownMakerbotPrintsreggie