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2012 Elections Videos by Popular

Will 5 Rich Donors Choose The Next President?

'Five wealthy people, led by Dallas industrialist Harold Simmons and Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, have donated nearly 1 of every ... tags: 2012 electionsbarack obamacampaign donorscampaign finance reformcitizens unitedgop primaryharold simmons

2012 Elections & New Business Formation

01/19/12 for a FREE copy of my PDF report The Way to Wealth There is a direct relationship between the rate of new business ... tags: 2012 electionsbusiness in Americabusiness resourcescreate jobseconomic business development

Roseanne Barr: I'm Running for President

Roseanne Barr announces she's running for president. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Roseanne Barr, the same woman who ... tags: 2012 electionscelebritieselectionFederal Election commissionfinancial terroristsgreen partyhealthcare

Deepak Chopra Obama Supporter "I don't know who to support, I like Ron Paul a lot"

01/16/12 Please consider donating to help us continue to make videos like this. We Are Change would not exist without YOU ... tags: 2012 electionsCrisisDeepak ChopraEconomicEconomyfreedomluke rudkowski

How Should We Pay For Campaigns Elections?

It takes a lot of money to get elected to federal office in the United States. Barack Obama's campaign spent 750 million in 2008 to win the ... tags: 2012 electionscitizens unitedelectionsiowa caucusesmoneypolitics

Ron Paul's Newsletters, Barack Obama's Horrific Attacks On Freedom

2012 Politically speaking, it sucks SO MUCH already President Obama also signed something cutting off aid for Pakistan I guess, and ... tags: 2012 electionsAngryFilmsindefinite detentioniowa caucusmurder tipsNDAA

Is Van Jones Trying to Co-Opt the Occupy Movement?

Read more here Van Jones Can't Occupy Us van jones, rebuild the dream, move on, move, 2012 elections, occupy, 99, 99 ... tags: 2012 elections 99% 99% movement acronym tv davisfleetwood move on move

Rick Santorum Interviews With

Rick Santorum discusses character, core values, how to address broken families, spending cuts, education, border security, national ... tags: 2012 Elections Iowa Caucus Shane Vander Hart2012

Scott Brown: "Thank God" Elizabeth Warren didn't take her clothes off

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass, is trending because of a quip he made about Elizabeth Warren, his likely Democratic opponent in the 2012 election. tags: 2012 electionselizabeth warrenpoliticsscott brown