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Dixie and Savannah -- Great Billed Parrots

Just some of the things Dixie and Savannah enjoy doing each day. tags: 191919great bill parrotsrita

Baby Jenday Weaned and ready to go home

This is his last video as he will be going home in a couple of days. tags: 191919baby jenday conurerita

Jim and Melanie's Baby Jenday Conure

This baby has been learning to fly and eat this week. It wont be long and he/she will be going home tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Baby Jenday Conure

Jim and Melanie's baby Jenday is growing up so fast He will be ready to go home before we all know it tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Caique Shower Time

Our pet caiques and a couple of babies taking a shower. tags: 191919 rita191919caique parrotsrita

DNA Sexing and Trying on a Flight Suit with Baby Jenday Conure

Many of my baby's new parents ask me what is involved with doing a DNA test to determine their baby's sex. When I tell them I take a blood ... tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

Dixie and Savanah -- Great Billed Parrots

Just a little video of Dixie and Savanah chewing some wood chunks. tags: 191919 rita191919great billed parrotsrita

5 week old Baby Jenday Conure

This baby is right over 5 weeks old now and he/she is doing really well. tags: 191919 rita191919baby jenday conurerita

4 week old Baby Jenday Conure

What can be cuter than a 4 week old bobbing head Jenday conure tags: 191919 rita191919jenday conure parrotrita

Baby Jenday Conures

The two older babies should be ready to go home in a week or maybe two. They grow up so fast Their parents went right back to nest after I ... tags: 191919 rita191919jenday conure parrotsrita

Akimi Jenday Parrot

Akimi is looking for a special home. She was born on June 27th, 2010. Her Mom had to move out of state and could not take Akimi with her. ... tags: 191919 Cute Parrot rita191919Cutejenday conure