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Prime Time Report - Friday, December 2nd

Mr. LaRouche's call for the 25th Amendment created a lot of waves across Washington DC but, still to this day, the executive branch has ... tags: 25th Amendment Alex Jones China executive branch impeachment Iran Israel

The World in Review · December 1, 2011

There is a grouping around the world, in different militaries, in governments, here in the United States-- of which we at LaRouche PAC are ... tags: 25th amendment dump obama impeachment larouche laroucheyouth LPACTV SDI

Prime Time Report - Thursday, December 1st

Last week on Thanksgiving day Lyndon LaRouche issued a warning that the stage was being set to get World War III started through the ... tags: British empire larouche laroucheyouth LPACTV Russia sykes-picot Syria

LPAC Weekly Report November 30, 2011

In the November 30th, 2011 edition of the Weekly Report, the statement from Lyndon LaRouche's paper, The Fall of the British Empire Obama's ... tags: end-game John Hoefle laroucheyouth metaphor nuclear war Peter Martinson remove Obama

Morning Overview - Wednesday, November 30th

This morning we are happy to announce the launching of LPACTV's latest feature our new 14 hour live playlist. tags: Alicia Cerattani eurozone larouche laroucheyouth LPACTV on air ww3 wwiii

LPAC - Kings Fall to Empire - World in Review, Nov 10, 2011 ·

The regime changes in the New Balkans have been military interventions the installation of dictators in Europe, in the name of the Euro, ... tags: british Dennis Mason dictatorship genocide iran new balkans regime change

LaRouchePAC Thursday, November 10th - While You Were Sleeping

War, a chaotic state of mankind, terrifying in its effects which lasts generations and often has only occurred as a result of mere British ... tags: british geo-politics larouchepac population reduction wwiiibritishbritish geo-politicsDaily

LaRouchePAC Lyndon LaRouche Addresses 'The Grand Pacific Alliance' Conference October 30, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche addresses 'The Grand Pacific Alliance', an international policy conference hosted by Congressional Candidate Summer Shields ... tags: 25th Amendment China Russia Sky Sheilds WWIII25th AmendmentChina

On the Edge of World War III: A Warning from Lyndon LaRouche

On Saturday morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the threat of a British-sponsored World War III, stating that the Middle East is the new ... tags: British empire Libya LPACTV Lyndon larouche Middle East New Balkans Obama

LaRouchePAC Monday, October 31st, - While You Were Sleeping

Years prior to the outbreak of WWI, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck prophetically warned that the continent of Europe will be induced ... tags: 7 years war LPACTV Middle East New Balkans Syria WWII WWIII