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9/11: WTC2 Rare Audio Track (Paul Berriff - ITV)

Rarely heard audio track from Paul Berriff's WTC South Tower video. For many years on the internet there's only been a single bad quality ... tags: 911 Audio Berriff Collapse Demolition Explosion Paul

League of Legends: Silverfang Akali Skin Artwork

I expected a vampire/werewolf skin from the name. I like this skin, but there seems to be an age difference between the artwork and the ... tags: ad Ancients ap arena battle carry caster

League of Legends: Imperial Lux Skin Artwork

She could really stand to have a better splash artwork. Background is unusually well done, though. Great in-game skin. --------- Play ... tags: ad Ancients ap arena battle carry caster

League of Legends: Northern Storm Volibear Skin Artwork

Been working on him for the Don't Feed, already had a few really fun games. All of Volibear's skins are good, but he's generally just a ... tags: ad Ancients ap arena battle carry caster

League of Legends: Thunder Lord Volibear Skin Artwork

The other Volibear skin, also pretty good. It's hard to get a giant bear skin wrong. That said, this one is the least distinctive of the ... tags: ad Ancients ap arena battle carry caster

Want to see Cowards? Step Right This Way!

It's like shooting fish in a barrel - shotgun wielding cowards blasting away at pigeons tossed out of a roofless shed. It's called a tower ... tags: Association Canned Corrupt Coward Cruel Hunt Live

Christmas Time in San Antonio .. 2011

What a wonderful way to kick off The Holiday with a tour of Downtown San Antonio to view all the wonderful Christmas Lights .. PS What a ... tags: 2011 65 Alamo America Antonio blogs Caroling

Let's Re-Play Arcana #15 - Home Alone

In this episode, we finally return to Stavery Tower to put an end to Galneon's lease on life and stop the resurrection of Rimsala before ... tags: Arcana Galneon hcbailly Play Stavery Tower Walkthrough

Karandila Mountain, Bulgaria

Karandila mountain is located 33 km from Sliven. Karandila area is part of Blue Stones Natural Park, which include Archangel, Assen river ... tags: bulgaria hd kamani Kamni Kamuni kulata park

Don't Feed Fizz -- In-Depth Champion Information (League of Legends)

Slippery Fizz. Without a doubt, the single most gratifying thing about him is Playful/Trickster and its ability to anger people and get you ... tags: Ancients arena battle champion character ciderhelm cinderhelm

The Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride is a journey that'll put you in the middle of the action from gritty gangster flicks of the 1930s to the adventure of ... tags: Action Aerosmith and Beast Beauty Coaster Disneys