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How Obama's Economic Policies Measure Up

11/18/11 - If you think our economic situation is the worst of all time if you think President Obama's strategies are tactics of ... tags: economic policies of Ame lori Harfenist occupy the resident theresident theresident net those who dont know the

Real American Rebels

11/04/11 - American revolutionaries and Occupy Wall Street protesters do they have more than downtown Manhattan in common To ... tags: Lori Harfenist occupy wall street occupywallst org real American rebels the resident theresident theresident net


10/28/11 - Americans, it is time to UNIFY Stop shouting at each other, for we are not the problem. Let us rise up against our ... tags: American patriot democrats versus republi lori Harfenist occupywallst org patriotic tea party the resident

The Unified Message of Occupy Wall Street

10/21/11 - who says the protesters aren't well-spoken or capable of articulating the message tags: lori Harfenist Meghan mccain OWS the resident theresident theresident net unified message

Google THIS!

09/16/11 - People, enough with the 'google it' already Stop being so annoying tags: lori Harfenist rants raves rude behavior social commentary the resident theresident

New York on 9/11: Ten Years Later

09/09/11 - what people on the streets of NYC think has changed since the horrible events of 9 tags: 911 lori Harfenist new york city the resident theresident theresident net times square opinions

Name Your Price: Global Money

09/02/11 - if Earthlings adopt a global currency unit, what do you think it should be called tags: dollar Isaac Asimov lori Harfenist money neal Stephenson the resident theresident

Ron Paul in 2012!

08/19/11 - I've never believed he had a chance. But...does he have a chance in 2012 tags: ames straw poll lori Harfenist michelle Bachmann the daily show the resident theresident theresident net

Gimme the Loot, London!

08/12/11 - whatever your gripe is, looting is not the answer, crazy Brits tags: biggie smalls burning gimme the loot lori harfenist manchester the resident theresident