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Charles Limb: Building the musical muscle

12/01/11 Charles Limb performs cochlear implantation, a surgery that treats hearing loss and can restore the ability to hear speech. But ... tags: Beauty cochlear Director hearing loss implants Medical Music

Kathryn Schulz: Don't regret regret

12/02/11 We're taught to try to live life without regret. But why Using her own tattoo as an example, Kathryn Schulz makes a powerful ... tags: culture Director failure personal growth regret TED TED@allianzgi

Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation

This version of Chris's talk has corrected picture of film-maker Jonathan Chu at 138. TED's Chris Anderson says the rise of web ... tags: Chris Anderson crowd accelerat improvement Internet LXD online revolution

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

11/26/11 Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food in her tiny apartment. So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in ... tags: apartment bottle collaboration design Director DIY food

Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling

11/23/11 iPad storyteller Joe Sabia introduces us to Lothar Meggendorfer, who created a bold technology for storytelling the pop-up ... tags: book Creativity Design Director Entertainment ipad Lothar Meggendorfer

Péter Fankhauser: Meet Rezero, the dancing ballbot

11/22/11 Onstage at TEDGlobal, Pter Fankhauser demonstrates Rezero, a robot that balances on a ball. Designed and built by a group of ... tags: balance Creativity dance Design Director Engineering Rezero

Phil Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

11/21/11 What's six miles wide and can end civilization in an instant An asteroid - and there are lots of them out there. With humor and ... tags: asteroid Astronomy Director earth Science Technology TED

Robin Ince: Science versus wonder?

11/18/11 Does science ruin the magic of life In this grumpy but charming monologue, Robin Ince makes the argument against. The more we ... tags: comedy Director entertainment magic science TED tedglobal

Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

11/17/11 What controls aging Biochemist Cynthia Kenyon has found a simple genetic mutation that can double the lifespan of a simple ... tags: aging Biotech C. Elegans Director Genetics Medicine mutation

Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman

11/15/11 Strapped to a jet-powered wing, Yves Rossy is the Jetman -- flying free, his body as the rudder, above the Swiss Alps and the ... tags: Adventure Design Director Flight fly flying jetman

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized

11/14/11 Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and ... tags: birth Conception Conference Design Director INK Medical

Who Needs Girls

Submitted to the TED 'Ads Worth Spreading' competition 2011. This interstitial advertisement is a teaser for a campaign promoting the ... tags: advertising association banana confrepx cyclone funny growers