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Solar Flare Videos by Popular

A towering fountain erupts from the Sun

On September 25, 2011, the Sun blew off an M-class flare with a prominence that blew well off the solar surface before falling gracefully ... tags: Astronomer Bad prominence SDO solar flare TheAstronomer

How big are solar flares? Eye opening perspective

IMG How Big are Solar Flares Share link Note CC avail.This brief entertaining and informative video answers the questionIMGThe ... tags: Apr April Aug August big Dec documentary

Scientists see sunspots form... 60000 km below the Sun's surface!

Scientists using sound waves to probe the interior of the Sun in much the same way seismic waves can be used to peer inside the Earth have ... tags: acoustic waves Astronomer Bad coronal mass ejection magnetism SDO SOHO

NASA | Spacecraft Track Solar Storms From Sun To Earth

NASA's STEREO spacecraft and new data processing techniques have succeeded in tracking space weather events from their origin in the Sun's ... tags: cme corona coronal mass ejection heliophysics nasa nasa goddard solar flare

CNET Buzz Report: Angry Birds and Roku: together at last

The Roku 2 XS gets Angry Birds, more content, and way more awesome. Plus, Anonymous wants to kill Facebook. No, Anonymous Leave Facebook ... tags: Angry Birds Anonymous Apple Facebook Galaxy ipad Molly Wood

The Sun blows out another big flare and CME!

On August 4 at 0357 UT, the Sun's surface exploded with an M9.5 flare, somewhat more energetic than the one earlier this week. It also blew ... tags: Astronomer aurora Bad CME Solar Dynamics Observatory solar flare The

The Sun lets loose an M9 flare

On July 30, 2011 at 0200 UTC a sunspot erupted on the Sun, giving off a brief but powerful class M9 flare. The first segment shows it at ... tags: Astronomer Bad SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory solar flare The ultraviolet