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An Announcement?

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but I have had this planned for a few weeks when I realized my birthday was drawing near and I figured, ... tags: Serenia stream stuffies WhitemagebirfdaySereniastream

Let's Play Super Double Dragon IV - Bliiiind

...well Sorta. Once you've played any beat'um up you've played um all more or less, well anyway, Dreamer and I have never played this ... tags: billy bimmy Double Dragon four here isnt

WWE '12 (PS3) 11/29/11: Accidental Moves can make for Amazing moments!

A triple threat match Legend Difficulty vs Shaemus and Randy Orton, we were all at our limit it coulda gone either way but then I ... tags: INGAME HR Serenia Whitemage WWE 12INGAME HRSereniaSVR2012

Re: Plants Vs. Zombies Part 45: Making Fast Money, WhitemageSerenia's set up.

Just as the video title says, its my set up for making money fast, I actually came up with this idea on my own, well.. not fully, I watched ... tags: bread cash dough green Last make money

Let's Play Legaia 2: Duel Saga #4 - Side Jumping Gale Winds

Joining me Not everyone could speak Dreamer Odin Gemini NostalgiaGamer ... tags: Duel jump jumping Legaia Play saga Serenia

League Replay! Lore Breaker (Nov. 19, 2011)

Renekton hates Nasus, Morgana and Kayle hate each other. Its a total sibling rivalry Nightcrawler79 Galactic Renekton dontsayhate Galactic ... tags: Breaker comeback Doctor Dr Fizz Kayle Legends

Let's Play Legaia 2: Duel Saga #2 - D-Demon Stream?!

Some explaining may be in order The way I'll be handling Legaia 2 now is to record say an hour long chunk of video, and then upload each ... tags: commentary duel game Legaia Play saga Serenia

Let's Play Legaia 2 - Duel Saga #3: Incoming Nostalgia!

Or Let's get the Aqualith back Joining me Not everyone could speak Dreamer Odin Gemini ... tags: commentary Duel game Legaia Play Saga Serenia

Legaia 2 test #2 - Guest Commentary?

Ok so Given that Dazzle already records game audio I wanted to see if I could still have guest commentators. Mostly I was checking to see ... tags: Serenia test two WhitemageLegaiaSereniatest

Let's Play Legaia 2: Duel Saga #1 - NEW LEEEET'S PLAAAAYYYY

Joining me dreamer why yesh, that is a pun reference back to my let's play of Legaia 1. I believe it was Let's Play Legend ... tags: commentary Duel game Legaia Play Saga Serenia

Let's Preview Legaia 2 (Stream!!!)

Stream This is a really rare occasion. As I was setting up to record the next episodes of Legaia 2, since I have to use JTV ... tags: is MATE!? Serenia streaming?! Whitemage WTFis


This is my cat Shadow then named Sporty by my brother before they gave him to me. Unfortunately he passed away some time between friday ... tags: Serenia WhitemageSereniaShadowWhitemage