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Drawing Sasori with Tablet 720 HD (Re-Uploaded)

Sorry for uploading this video again but the someone mistakenly claim this music and there was no way to delete this stupid warning from ... tags: animation anime artist drawing drawing tablet drawings ghap4a

Ask The Cast Of Naruto #7

Comment, Rate and Subscribe D Leave questions for the next show DSigh Here I ... tags: Ask Cast Deidara Fangirl Fangirls Gaara Hinata

Akatsuki Chatroom #4: Hidan's plan

WARNING YAOI AHEAD DON'T LIKE DON'T WATCHSongsNaruto OST - Naruto's daily life3OH3 - House party tags: akatsuki deidara drunk hidan itachi kakuzu kisame

Orlando Anime Day 4

My con lots of hugs specially from Gaara, random poke and smack by a fan by some fluffy dude, won at Ninja, lost the costume contest but ... tags: Akatsuki Anime Convention Cosplay Costume Day Dead

Naruto Shippuden: UNS 2 - Chapter 1 - Sakura Dances - S-Rank

Playing the 3rd major battle in NS UNS 2 - Ultimate Adventure mode with the ary objective and getting a S-Rank.Sakura and Chiyo vs Sasori. tags: naruto shippuuden sasorinaruto shippuudensakurasasori

Akatsuki Anime y Cosplay

Conoceremos los miembros que la asociacion Akatski posee. La msica de fondo esta espectacular y compacta con las grandiosas imagenes de ... tags: akatski amv anime cosplay deidara hidan itachi

Akatsuki Amv (Naruto Shippuden)

This is my third amv of the Naruto shippuden anime.The song is the winds of icarus by CelldwellerIf u like the video please don't ... tags: amv anime deidara hidan itachi kakuzu Kpleasures2

Quatsch mit naruto stirnbändern

Ein stirnband ist von deidara aus iwa-gakure und das andere von sasori aus suna-gakure tags: Deidara Den Gakure Iwa Machen Mit Quatsch

NARUTO MAD~ Sasori x Deidara

07/22/11 long...So finally I am back...HA.Sasori and Deidara are my favourite in Akatsuki.Deidara is adorablePS. I OWN ... tags: akatsuki anime bl deidara naruto naruto mad sasori

~Akatsuki Slideshow~ --- ~Thanks For The Memories~

This is a slideshow containing the Akatsuki members from Naruto Excluding Orochimaru tags: Deidara Hidan Itatchi Kakazu Kisame Madara Naruto