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Robina Niaz -- Turning Point for Women and Families

Robina Niaz is the founder of NYC's first domestic violence resource center that helps exclusively Muslim women and families. Founded post ... tags: Abuse Domestic Violence Muslim New York NYC Sarah Zaman Turning Point

Why Leaves Change Color ?

In countries of the Northern Hemisphere worldwide, the season now is late autumn, and in many temperate climates the leaves on trees have ... tags: autumn Fall Sarah Zaman urduvoa VOA Voice of Americaautumn

Aap Kya Kertay? (What would you do?)

Sarah Zaman, Urdu VoA News, Washington. In this edition of 'Aap Kya Kertay' we are discussing what can be done to keep our streets clean. ... tags: city clean keep Khabron Se Aage Sarah Zaman trash Urdu

Population and Environment

Sarah Zaman, Urdu VoA News, Washington. A rise in global population is increasing the strain on natural resources and environment. ... tags: Dr. B sarah zamanDr. Bpopulation and environmentsarah zaman

Negotiating in Afghanistan

Sarah Zaman, Urdu VoA News, Washington. According to Afghan officials Pres. Karzai will announce the name of 17 provinces during the Nov 2 ... tags: Sarah ZamanNegotiating in AfghanistanSarah Zaman

Muslim Immigrants in American Politics - Complete Show 09-05-11

Saqib Ul Islam, Urdu VOA News, Michigan After the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, Muslims in America felt the overwhelming need to ... tags: 10 years 9/11 9/11 Anniversary American Muslims Bangladeshi Muslims Beyond The Headlines BTH Hamtramck

MLK Birmingham Campaign

The nation is dedicating a new national memorial to the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. King was a southern Baptist ... tags: civil rights Martin Luther King MLK national memorial Sarah Zaman US VOA

America's First Iftar

Ramadan is a month for American Muslims to increase their efforts for religious harmony. Many mosques hold interfaith Iftars. This ... tags: America Iftar Muslim Ramzan Sarah zaman Thomas Jefferson Tunisian diplomat