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Exclusive Unseen Livestream Footage of the OWS Raid

Lorenzo Serna stayed behind with the OWS camp as it was being stormed on Nov 15th. This is what he saw that no one else did. This footage ... tags: arrests police brutality Flux occupyallstreets owsnews raid Rostrum Zuccitti Park

Occupation Analysis - CNN Damage Control

the real interview wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been A couple days ago I was interviewed by CNN for a piece about ... tags: Flux Global Revolution TV history live streaming occupy mo occupywallstreet Rostrum Zuccotti Park

A Cold Play on Occupy Wall Street

Thursday the NYPD in conjunction with the Fire Dept. seized all generators from the occupation at Liberty Plaza despite predictions of ... tags: Flux hypothermia NYPD occupywallst occupywallstreet RostrumFlux

Lawrence Lessig Invites the Tea Party to join the Occupation Movement at Occupy DC

Lawrence Lessig addresses the Occupy DC encampment at McPhearson Square about the need to invite Tea Partiers into the movement and agree ... tags: Flux RostrumDC EducationalFluxRostrum

Michael Moore @ Occupy Wall Street

Michael Moore stopped by Liberty Plaza tonight to humble himself in front of the masses. tags: Flux globalrevolution Michael Moore occupywallst perp walk RostrumFlux

Anon Businessman Speaks Out ~ Occupy Wall St.

Afraid of losing his Wall St job, this man joined us briefly Monday morning to share his disgust with the machine that he is a cog in. tags: business Flux occupywallst owsnews Rostrum wall streetbusiness

Occupy Wall St goes Postal

The afternoon march went to a postal workers rally instead of wall st. tags: economy Flux occupywallst owsnews postal workers Rostrum workers rights

Russell Simmons & Michael Moore Chat

After Occupy Wall Street's Thursday night General Assembly Michael Moore and Russell Simmons chat briefly on the sidewalk before being ... tags: Flux occupywallstreet owsnews Rostrum Russell SimmonsFluxMicahel Moore

#occupy wall st Oct 5th post march mosh pit of clubs & spray

over 30,00 people with several labor unions represented marched through the streets peacefully. Afterward several hundred took there voices ... tags: Flux owsnews pepper spray police brutality Rostrum wall streetFlux

The Occupation of DC - initial days

Ralph Nader, Kevin Zeese and other address the crowds. 2 groups have occupied separate areas of Washington DC. One planned for months ... tags: Flux Kevin Zeese Occupy Everything Occupy K St Oct2011 October2011 pepper spray