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Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Summit Straw Poll

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul won the Value Voters Summit straw poll by a large margin over Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, ... tags: familyresearchcouncil Frc hermancain michelebachmann rickperry ricksantorum ronpaul2012

Ron Paul's Uninsured, Dead Campaign Manager

2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's 2008 campaign manager Kent Snyder died bankrupt at the age of 49 because he couldn't get ... tags: cenkuygur ronpaul2012 ronpaulcampaignmanager ronpaulhealthinsurance ronpaulinsurance ronpaulkentsnyder ronpaulpresident

Ron Paul Right About Terrorism, Al Qaeda

2012 Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum presented strongly differing views on the appropriate role for the US ... tags: ronpaul2012 ronpaul9/11 ronpaulafghanistan ronpaulalqaeda ronpaulbinladen ronpauldefensespending ronpaulhealthcare

Rick Perry Rips Ron Paul Health Insurance Response

2012 Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked about fellow candidate Ron Paul's response to a question ... tags: benmankiewicz rickperry2012 rickperrydeathpenalty rickperrydebate rickperrygovernor rickperryhealthcare rickperrypresident

Ron Paul Assaulted By Rick Perry At GOP Debate?

Some Ron Paul supporters are claiming that Texas Governor Rick Perry assaulted Congressman Paul at the latest 2012 Republican Presidential ... tags: rickperryalgore rickperrypresident rickperryronpauldebate rickperrytexas ronpaul2012 ronpaulassaulted ronpaulpresident

Ron Paul #2 In Straw Poll - Pawlenty Disaster

The 2012 Ames Iowa Straw Poll results are broken down by The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur. Congressmen Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul were ... tags: rickperry2012 rickperrypresident ronpaul2012 strawpoll2012 strawpollbachmann strawpollhermancain strawpolliowa