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Rev. Don's Vlog - Strangest Handfastings

Rev. Don discusses the strangest and most memorable handfastings he has attended or officiated at, in response to a question from ... tags: Couple Handfasting Magick magicktv Marriage reddragon Triad

Rev. Don's Vlog - Apeiron and Peiron

Rev. Don discusses the idea of Goddess as Spiritual and God as Material, in response to a question from Red Dragon. See all of Rev. Don's ... tags: Apeiron Epistrophe magicktv Peiron Polarity Proodos reddragon

Rev. Don's Vlog - Sexuality

Rev. Don discusses the role of sexuality in magic and religion, in answer to a question from Red Dragon.See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: Magic magicktv reddragon Religion Sexuality Vlog Witch

Rev. Don's Vlog - Resentment

Rev. Don discusses metaphysical ways one can deal with resentments felt toward from previous religions or other events in ones life, in ... tags: MagickTV RedDragon Resentment Vlog Witch WitchCity Witchcraft

Rev. Don's Vlog - Giants and Titans and Trolls, oh my!

Rev. Don discusses creatures commonly considered mythological but thought of as being 'evil', such as giants and demons, in answer to a ... tags: Demons Evil Giants MagickTV RedDragon Titans Trolls