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Disney iPhone days (Day 507) part 3

Disney iPhone days Day 507 part 3 don't forget to subscribe like and follow tags: 365 Animal Cafe Dinner disneyworld Erik Kingdom

Beyond Witness: New Approaches to Crisis Photography (James Whitlow Delano)

11/11/11 Pulitzer Center photographer James Whitlow Delano shares images from his project 'Malaysia How 'Green' Bio-Fuels are ... tags: Batek Negrito Biofuel Crisis Photography fotodc fotoweek DC George Washington SMPA James Whitlow Delano

Gold Lures Illegal Miners to Peru's Rainforests

In southeastern Peru, where the Andes Mountains meet the Amazon, lies one of the world\'s richest ecosystems and the destructive lure of ... tags: amazon andes crisis ecosystem gold illegal mining

Protecting Indonesia's ancient rainforest and the Sumatran tiger

Greenpeace is campaigning to prevent the reckless destruction of Indonesia's remaining rainforests. We are doing so to protec... tags: APP asia pulp and paper canada greenpeace rainforest TigerAPP

ALIEN SIGHTING: New footage from the Amazon - Real or fake?

Video of an alien-shaped figure in Brazil has been described as the 'best proof we have' that we're being visited by aliens. What do you ... tags: alien brazil evidence landing michael cohen paranormal probe

Broken promises for the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed to make way for cattle ranching, threatening the lifestyles of indigenous people - all that ... tags: amazon deforestation documentary forest greenpeace rainforest Video

AMAZON TRIBE: Warning after park ranger shot by arrow

Authorities in Peru have made contact with an isolated Amazon tribe but are warning people not to approach them after a ranger was shot ... tags: amazon bow and arrow civilisation park ranger rainforest river shot

Mattel ends rainforest destruction in packaging!

Help us protect the last Sumatran tigers and the world's rainforests at After a four month Greenpeace campaign, Mattel ... tags: Activism and APP Asia barbie climate deforestation