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Please do NOT upload any more bullshit. Or at least, don't monetize it. tags: monetize policy quality stupendous thebdonski uploadmonetize

Increasing Voter Participation Through Instant Runoff Voting and Eliminating The Electoral College

The first video in what will hopefully be a series dealing with politics and policy. Voter turnout in the US Americans ... tags: americans elect Ape congress election Electoral College government

Darrell Issa: Racial Profiling of Muslims Can't Become the New "Driving While Black"

Complete video at Asked about debate by GOP presidential hopefuls suggesting more stringent screening and security checks on Muslim ... tags: americans breakfast christian enforcement ethnicity fora

Stanford Executive Program

Join Faculty Director Robert Burgelman and Stanford Executive Program SEP past participants for an overview of why spending six weeks of ... tags: consumer corporate governance corporation crisis deregulation derivatives developing nations

La crisis española hace que los inmigrantes vuelvan a casa

El nmero de ecuatorianos, colombianos, peruanos, cubanos y argentinos cinco de las principales nacionalidades de extranjeros residentes en ... tags: analysis anlisis cambio change crisis crisis europea crisis financiera

US Fed Buys Europe Some Time

Rob Johnson Move by Fed papers over structural issues austerity policies meant to weaken social safety net and lower workers wages tags: austerity Fed Federal Reserve System issues Johnson net News

Ask A Marine: Basic Requirements

Interested in age, education, tattoo, fitness, and other requirements that you must meet to become one of the Few and the Proud Watch ... tags: Ask basic Corps enlisted enlistment Marine Marines

21st Century Contract With America: Revitalize Our National Security System

Item number seven of Newt Gingrich's 21st Century Contract With America is to revitalize our national security system to meet 21st century ... tags: 21st America Century Contract Defense Foreign Gingrich

Michael Theurer on European semester for economic policy coordination

Speech by Michael Theurer MEP ALDE ADLE on European semester for economic policy coordination Rapporteur avis REGI Language DE original ... tags: 2011NOV-2 ADLE ALDE BRU BRUSSELS coordination economic