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LaRouchePAC Monday, November 14th - While You Were Sleeping November 14, 2011.mp4

The issue at hand with the present turmoil in the middle east, is not what country did what to what country, the issue, is that Obama is an ... tags: 25th amendment British empire middle east nerobama new balkans world war 325th amendment

LPAC - Kings Fall to Empire - World in Review, Nov 10, 2011 ·

The regime changes in the New Balkans have been military interventions the installation of dictators in Europe, in the name of the Euro, ... tags: british Dennis Mason dictatorship genocide iran new balkans regime change

On the Edge of World War III: A Warning from Lyndon LaRouche

On Saturday morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the threat of a British-sponsored World War III, stating that the Middle East is the new ... tags: British empire Libya LPACTV Lyndon larouche Middle East New Balkans Obama

LaRouchePAC Monday, October 31st, - While You Were Sleeping

Years prior to the outbreak of WWI, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck prophetically warned that the continent of Europe will be induced ... tags: 7 years war LPACTV Middle East New Balkans Syria WWII WWIII

LaRouchePAC Syria - Potential Detonator of World War October 31, 2011

The British Empire intends to use regime-change in Syria to detonate the 'New Balkans' region and trigger World War III. This outcome is ... tags: British Empire New Balkans Obama Syria World War III WWIIIBritish Empire