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National Geographic Live! - Revenge of the Meerkat

Join National Geographic Fellow and photographer Mattias Klum as he tries to capture images of the wily little mammal of the Kalahari ... tags: bonus Geographic Klum Mattias Klum meerkat National National Geographic

National Geographic Live! - Mattias Klum: Lions, Leeches and Cobra Tongues

Explore the Earth with one of the greatest natural history photographers of our time, Mattias Klum. tags: Borneo Geographic Iceland India kinkajou Klum lecture

National Geographic Live! - Part Ape, Part Human: The Fossils of Malapa

Professor Lee Berger and his son stumble across an amazing find in South Africa two-million-year-old fossils of an unknown species of ... tags: australopithecus sediba Cradle of Humankind evolution extinction Geographic hominid lecture

National Geographic Live! - The Surreal World of Frans Lanting

Photographer Frans Lanting shares the secret of his masterful image, 'Ghost Trees at Dawn' the thorn trees of Namibia. tags: adventure bonus dunes Geographic Namibia Nat Geo Live! National

National Geographic Live! - Jewel of Namibia

Join husband-and-wife team Frans Lanting and Christine Eckstrom on a wild desert journey through Namibia a land of exotic creatures and ... tags: adventure conservation dunes Geographic lecture Namibia Nat Geo Live!

National Geographic Live! - Juliet Eilperin: Demon Fish

Washington Post environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin delves into how humans have viewed sharks throughout history to explain why they are ... tags: history Jaws lecture National Geographic National Geographic Live nglive ocean

National Geographic Live! - Divorced at Age 10

Writer Cynthia Gorney recounts the story of Nujood Ali, a young girl from Yemen who stood up to the tribal tradition of forced marriage. tags: Afghanistan bonus child brides controversial Ethiopia India lecture

National Geographic Live! - Too Young to Wed

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair and writer Cynthia Gorney investigate the world of prearranged child marriage, where girls as young as five ... tags: Afghanistan child brides controversial Ethiopia India lecture National Geographic

Endangered Sea Creatures

Lost Sharks of Easter Island SUN NOV 20 9 et/pt What was once a paradise for underwater creatures is now a ... tags: easter island endangered animals Lost Sharks of Easter Island marine life National Geographic ocean life shark video

World's Population Teeters on the Edge of 7 Billion -- Now What?

In partnership with the Pulitzer Center and National Geographic, the NewsHour explores how the composition of our society is changing as ... tags: 7 Billion Census Challenges China India National Geographic Overcrowding