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i'm alive

my facebook my tumblr tags: abezyan alive disappear kuznetsova murder murr music

cutting my bangs

that's how i do it - you might not see a huge difference, but doing this often makes it looks like my bangs don't grow. tags: abezyan bangs castles courtship crystal cutting dating

Q&A number four!

answering questions from two weeks ago leave me some more tags: abezyan answers izzi kuznetsova murder murr tetra

chubby bunny challenge

caitlin and i sadly tied. don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe intro was made by nimchild, check out his channel. tags: abezyan bunny caitlin challenge chubby fail friend

Q&A number 3!

thanks to nimchild for making the awesome intro check out his channel, he's interesting. oh, comment, rate and subscribe please tags: abezyan answers Ask kids kuznetsova murder murr

exploding buttermilk

don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe oh, and the audio for this video is messed up and not in synch, sorry . tags: abezyan bunny butter chubby cream delayed exploding

lemon challenge

my attempt at eating a lemon without making a sour face. write to me at and tags: abezyan challenge dare domo eating face girl

people that annoy me

the title says it all write to me at tags: abezyan annoy breath cologne girl izzi kuznetsova

my attempt at the charleston dance

my attempt at dancing. write to me at tags: 1920 abezyan charleston dance dancing flapper girl

Q&A number 1!

answering questions from last week, hooray you can write to me at and please leave me some ... tags: abezyan answers girl kuznetsova lol murder murr

saltine cracker challenge

i'm trying to eat 6 saltine crackers in under a and miserably fail. what kind of challenge would you like to give me for next week write in ... tags: challenge cracker eating fail failed failure izzi