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Libya Freedom Fun: Hangover to come?

Thousands of Libyans have taken to the streets to widely celebrate the end of the end of Colonel Gaddafi's rule, also marking the end of ... tags: Anissa Naouai Gaddafi Libya Gadhafi killed captured Kadhafi Libyan rebels Marina Dzhashi moammar gadhafi

Western hugs with Gaddafi end with shot to head

Libya's chief forensic pathologist says an autopsy has confirmed that Moammar Gadhafi was killed by a shot to the head. NATO wraps up its ... tags: Anissa Naouai eric margolis Gaddafi killed Sirte Gaddafi wounded captured Gadhafi killed captured hillary clinton gaddafi Kadhafi

Russia & China veto UN resolution on sanctions against Syria

Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria. The European-backed draft called on Damascus to end its crackdown ... tags: Arab Spring Bashar al Asad China Russia veto Damascus Ekaterina Gracheva intervention Marina Dzhashi

GPS Monopoly Challenge: Russian GLONASS rockets up

Russia has launched another satellite into orbit as part of its global navigation project - GLONASS. This means the system is now fully ... tags: global navigation system Glonass glonass satellite Marina Dzhashi Oliver Peter Plesetsk

Wings of Death: US builds global drone base net

Relations between the US and Pakistan have hit a new low, after a top American military chief accused Pakistan's Intelligence service of ... tags: Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda Paki Arabian peninsula bases embassy Kabul attack Gayane Chichakyan horn of Africa bases John Glaser

Iran named Al-Qaeda's ally: 'Drum beat for US attack'

There will be no warm welcome for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York when he visits for the UN General Assembly. A massive ... tags: Ahmadinejad US visit Al-Qaeda Iran nuclear program Iran nuclear weapons Ivan Eland Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Marina Dzhashi

Fear & Loath in Libya: Bitter fruit of revolution

Amnesty International has called on Libya's new authorities to prevent human rights abuses. There are allegations of violations committed ... tags: airstrike bombing Brian Johnson-Thomas civil war Gaddafi Gaddafi Tripoli Gadhafi

'Common Afghans support Taliban attacks on US'

A series of coordinated attacks in Afghanistan's capital Kabul left at least seven people dead and 17 wounded, and resulted in a 19-hour ... tags: Afghanistan Akhmed Quraishi Derrick Crowe gunmen insurgency Kabul Kabul attack

Unique Mladic: Hague tribunal wants copy of RT interview

The interview with war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic made public by RT two weeks ago seems to have been news not only to the general public, ... tags: 1995 Mladic interview Anissa Naouai Balkan war Bosnia Hague war crimes tribunal Herzegovina Marina Dzhashi

New boss gutsy for big hurdles in little land

The people of the Caucasus republic of Abkhazia have elected a new leader. It's been confirmed the country's vice-president Alexander ... tags: Caucausus commission conflict election elections Georgia independence