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Will Shalit-Palestinian Swap Change Long-Term Middle East Peace Strategy?

A prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas on Tuesday freed more than 1000 prisoners, including Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Gwen Ifill ... tags: American Task Force benjamin Daniel Levy gaza gilad shalit Gwen Ifill hamas

Shalit Freed in Prisoner Swap, But Hamas' Armed Wing Signals More Struggles

Soldier Gilad Shalit arrived back in Israeli custody Tuesday after being held for more than five years in the Gaza Strip. Gwen Ifill ... tags: benjamin gaza gilad shalit Gwen Ifill hamas israel mahmoud abbas

Gilad Shalit handover 'victory for Palestinians'

Hamas and Israel have confirmed that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held hostage for five years by the Palestinian group Hamas, ... tags: Abbas captivity captured soldier Forces Gilad Shalit IDF Israel

Empire - Palestine state ... of mind

After more than 60 years of dispossession and 40 years of occupation, Palestinians have turned to the UN for justice. Was it a tactical or ... tags: aljazeera Binyamin Netanyahu empire Israel Mahmoud Abbas palestine UN

Inside Story - Who will support the Palestinian bid?

Amid cheers, Palestinian President Abbas made a call for full UN membership, but who in the UNSC will support his bid tags: aljazeera Benyamin Netanyahu inside story insidestory Mahmoud Abbas palestine UN

Mosaic News - 10/03/11: Libya's NTC Forms Cabinet

Yemeni protestors, scholars denounce state clerics' Fatwa, Bahraini court sentences 36 additional protestors to prison, Libya ... tags: Al Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Egypt Hosni Mubarak

Mosaic News - 09/29/11: Bahrain Sentences Protestor to Death

Bahrain sentences one protestor to death and jails medics for treating demonstrators, Syrian defectors fight back against Assad's forces as ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Egypt Hosni Mubarak

Mosaic News - 09/30/11: Yemen and Syria Unite Calls for 'Victory'

Yemeni and Syrian demonstrators unify Friday's call for 'victory', thousands gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square to 'reclaim the revolution', ... tags: Assad Bahrai Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Egypt Hosni Mubarak Human Rights

US withholds $200m in Palestinian aid

The bid for Palestinian statehood at the UN launched by Mahmoud Abbas has led to pro-Israeli politicians in the US to take action. The US ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera Barack Obama Israel Kimberly Halkett Mahmoud Abbas middleeastnews

Listening Post - Two leaders, two visions, many narratives

The battle for public perception at the UN - a fight between Israel, Palestine and their competing visions. tags: aljazeera Israel Julius Malema Listening Post listeningpost Mahmoud Abbas Middle East peace

Tekanan Domestik di AS, Palestina & Israel - Liputan Berita VOA 30 September 2011

Hari Jum'at waktu New York sebuah komisi Dewan Keamanan PBB mulai membahas permohonan Palestina menjadi negara anggota penuh PBB. Amerika ... tags: Barack Obama Hamas Israel Mahmoud Abbas Nova Poerwadi Palestina PBB