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Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day,Gusto ng Kiss(I Want a Kiss)!!

Today, we ask for a Kiss. Halik,translates to Kiss, however,you can just say the words kiss. Gusto ko ng kiss. I want a kiss.... Or we ... tags: aarp travel blog davao city filipino blog Halikan mo ako how to I want a kiss

Learn Tagalog Today_Wait in Tagalog and other Useful Phrases!

Today, we have many Useful Words and Phrase ,that will help you. We begin with you ,and your friend,or you and a relative. Your Relative ... tags: aarp Anong Sinasabi Niya AnongIbig Mong Sabihin davao city facebook filipino blog Halika

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Sweet Dreams in Tagalog-Filipino!!

There is no doubt the internet has become the Defacto standard for communicating with others across the Globe. We Spend Hours up Hours ... tags: aarp Best Wishes blog Congra davao city facebook filipino blog

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_What are You Doing !!

Today, we will continue with the Question Words,things like,'Can you accompany me to,Can you take me to,What is your work,and What are you ... tags: aarp Can you accompany me to Can you take me to davao city facebook gvodpod live journal

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Jealous Type !!!

Today, we look at relationships. More to the point, Jealousy in the relationship If you are now or have ever been in a relationship, you ... tags: aarp bebo davao city digg facebook how to Huwag kang Magselos

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Love Letter !!

Today,we take a new twist. Your in a sort of relationship with someone.Your a distance apart,and you are missing this person. You wish to ... tags: aarp buzznet Dear Fr digg facebook google buzz how to

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_Unemployment Compensation !!

Today,we will look at a phrase that is rather unhappy. It is Unemployment Compensation. When we hear these words, we know we are out of ... tags: Absense bebo davao city digg episode how to instruction

Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day_I'm Going to Sleep Goodnight !!

Welcome Back to Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day.. We have a short,easy,but very useful way to make your exit when chatting on line or ... tags: aarp blog davao city digg Episode Exit Hit the Hay