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The last leaves of Autumn

Autumn is a very interesting time of the year. For us sun-worshipers, it is a time of melancholy as we say goodbye to warmth and sunshine. ... tags: Beach birds Canon changing cold Corel Cormorant

Pokemon Emerald: Part 9_Weather Institute

Today we foil Team Aqua plans yet again....... This part was actually split in half..the next part will be uploaded shorty........ tags: Ash Black Blue Brock Colosseum Darkkefka Darkness

Pokemon Emerald: Part 9 Continued(Fishing for Feebas)

In this part...we hunt for the single most ANNOYING pokemon to catch in the history of Pokemon tags: Ash Black Blue Brock Colosseum Darkkefka Darkness

Fall Colors on Mt. Magazine - Harpin Hank Hogan

Fall colors on the way up to Mount Magazine. Now the rains have taken away most of the foliage. The tune Ealaigh Liom elope with me is ... tags: (elope Autumn Color colors dhran Elaigh Fall

Pictures of Leaves

Autumn is a time of change, and the colorful leaves are reminders of the change. tags: adult brown Canon change children cyberlink fall

Tip of the week, Raking Leaves for mulch

Don't just throw away your leaves, use them for mulch in your winter garden. tags: 06 compact compost fall flower gardening gardens

Pokemon Emerald: Part 7_Mt. Chimney

Today we foil team Magma's plans, but I think I was suppose to grab that Metorite thing back right tags: Ash Black Blue Brock Colosseum Darkkefka Darkness

Leaf Monster Prank

Thanks for watching stuff Secret msg below. I scared my kids by wearing chicken suit and hiding in leaf/leaves pile. How I roll. Secret ... tags: aft chicken dad kids leaf leaves nalts

Virginia in Early Fall

This video is my visual way of showing my appreciation for the staff at Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton, Virginia. They are wonderful, ... tags: 17 Autumn beautiful Bottom Canon Davis Edit