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LaRouchePAC Friday, November 25th - While You Were Sleeping

We stand at the brink of global warfare, thermonuclear warfare, and as reported in today's morning overview, Lyndon LaRouche has said that ... tags: Daily Report laroucheyouthDaily ReportEmpirelaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC Thursday, November 24th - While You Were Sleeping

Today isn't just a day to be thankful but a day to remember how to fight, when a country like ours went from an undeveloped nation to one ... tags: Daily Report laroucheyouthDaily ReportEmpirelaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC NAWAPA1964 November 24, 2011

The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah's Senator Frank Moss. . tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthIn-DepthInfrastructurelaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC LPAC Weekly Report November 23, 2011

In the Weekly Report for November 23rd, 2011, Lyndon LaRouche raises the issue of the survival of mankind, in the context of the threat of ... tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthFrom laroucheIn-Depthlaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC 11 22 2011-World In Review Late Night Report

Lyndon LaRouche blew the lid on the British drive for World War III, but conditions of breakdown continue until this process is willfully ... tags: laroucheyouth ReportDailylaroucheyouthReport

LaRouchePAC Wednesday, November 23rd - While You Were Sleeping

Many in Europe are recognizing that even the current measures of austerity and technocratic take-overs of governments are not enough to ... tags: Daily Report laroucheyouthDaily ReportEconomic Collapselaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC Bill Roberts in Pittsburgh The Anti-Entropic Imperative of Mankind Nov. 23, 2011

Bill's remarks are a pedagogical and in depth presentation of the anti-entropic imperative of mankind, using material from Basement Team ... tags: Campaigns laroucheyouth News UpdateCampaignslaroucheyouthNational Slate - Bill RobertsNews Update

LaRouchePAC NAWAPA- 1964 Pre-Release Interview November 23, 2011

Oyang Teng and Michael Kirsch, both of whom helped to produce the upcoming LPAC feature film, 'NAWAPA 1964', discuss the film's content and ... tags: laroucheyouthlaroucheyouthNAWAPA

Wednesday, November 23nd • Morning Overview

Over the last few weeks, the planet as a whole was as close as hours away from what was intended to be a thermonuclear world war. All of ... tags: Economic Collapse Empire laroucheyouthDaily ReportEconomic CollapseEmpirelaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC Global Food Shortage - Interview with EIR's Marcia Merry Baker Nov, 22, 2011

Interview with Executive Intelligence Review's Agriculture Economist, Marcia Merry Baker, on the current global food crisis which threatens ... tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthEconomic CollapseIn-Depthlaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC Tuesday, November 22nd • Morning Overview

Today Lyndon LaRouche provided a strategic assessment of the political situation globally. Tonight we provide the five factors associated ... tags: laroucheyouth UpdatelaroucheyouthNewsUpdate