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Islamists and secularists clash in Tunisia

Tunisians are yet to get a new government after political infighting delayed the appointment of new ministers. In the country's capital, ... tags: Al al jazeera aljazeera clash demonstrators English Islamists

Egypt's Islamists Stress Pragmatism

The extent of Egypt's Islamist parties' appeal will come into clearer focus in coming weeks, as results from the nation's first ... tags: Cairo elections Fayoum Islamists voavideoCairoEgypt

Islamists take on Mubarak supporters in Egypt election

In the Upper Egyptian province of Assiut, Islamists and members of Mubarak's dissolved National Democratic Party are in a fight for their ... tags: assiut brotherhood egypt english islamists jazeera middleastnews

'Gaddafi couldn't kill more people than NATO did' - Syrian deputy FM

Even if Gaddafi had lived for another 100 years, he could not have killed even a fraction of the number obliterated by NATO during its ... tags: Arab League Bashar al Assad civilian deaths Egypt Faisal Al-Mikdad Gaddafi Gadhafi

CrossTalk: Arab Ballot

Will the approaching elections in Egypt and Tunisia see an increase in public protests How well do the candidates running for office ... tags: Arab Spring Bah Bashar Al Assad democracy Egypt elections Egypt Israel relations Egypt protests

Tribal skepticism stalls Libyan politics

In the month since Tripoli fell to fighters allied with the National Transitional Council, Libya's new politicians have failed to appoint a ... tags: africanews Benghazi Islamists Mahmoud Jibril National Transitional Council politicsafricanews

"Why People Don't Believe" --Paul Chamberlain

Jim Cantelon interviews Paul Chamberlain about the seven challenges to the Christian faith, found in his latest book, 'Why People Don't ... tags: 100HS atheists believe chamberlain Christianity dont extremists

'Tectonic shift in ME leaves Israel isolated'

Ankara has warned Israel it faces growing regional isolation, as the Turkish Prime Minister heads for a visit to Egypt. Recep Tayyip ... tags: Arab spring Cairo demo Egypt Hosni Mubarak Islamists israel cairo protests

Video of Israel embassy in Cairo stormed by Egypt protesters

Egyptian police and military forces firing tear gas moved against hundreds of protesters in Cairo on Friday night, trying to push them away ... tags: Arab spring Cairo clashes demo Egypt gas deal Hosni Mubarak

Israeli diplomats fly home after angry mob sacks embassy in Egypt

Egypt is on high alert, after a night of riots in Cairo left at least three people dead, and more than a thousand injured. A demonstration ... tags: Arab spring Cairo clashes demo Egypt Hosni Mubarak Islamists

Cairo Anger: 'Israel done plenty to make enemies of Egyptian people'

The Egyptian government's vowed to tighten security and keep order in Cairo, where an angry mob stormed and sacked the Isareli embassy on ... tags: Arab spring Cairo clashes demo Egypt Hosni Mubarak Islamists