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Amr Moussa speaks to Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros speaks to Egyptian presidential hopeful Amr Moussa in Cairo about the possibility of an overwhelming Islamist ... tags: Africanews Al Cairo Egypt Election English Islamist

Somalia Military Hunt

VOA's Vincent Makori talks to University of Minnesota Professor Abdi Samatar about the military operation in Somalia to hunt down members ... tags: al-Qaida In Focus Islam Islamist Military Professor Abdi Samatar Somalia

Increase in Islamist support ahead of Tunisia vote

As Tunisia prepares to go the polls, there's been an increase in support for the Islamist party Ennahda after years of victimisation under ... tags: ELECTION ISLAMIST POLITICS TUNISIAELECTIONISLAMISTPOLITICS

Kenyan troops push into Somalia

A Somali government spokesman has told Al Jazeera that Kenya is providing logistical and training support in the fight against al-Shabab. ... tags: al-shabab aljazeera armed group forces Islamist Kenya Kenyan military

9/11--A Decade Later--Lessons for the Future (Part 2 of 3)

In this panel discussion, titled 'The Islamist Threat From AfPak to Jyllands-Posten and Times Square,' Peter Brookes, Senior Fellow for ... tags: afpak al-queda ayn rand diana west elan journo islam islamist

Chossudovsky: UN withdrawal PR to demonize Syrian govt

To Syria now, where the UN is pulling out its staff amid growing concern about the violent crackdown by government forces against ... tags: armed insurrection assault Bashar Assad clashes Damascus heavy machine guns islamist

Sharia Law: Battlefield London

There's Islamic leadership tension in Britain - with hardline Muslims trying to enforce Sharia law in London. From abstention to ... tags: Britain demonstration EDL faith fascism hatred human rights

Egypt's Activists: I Wouldn't Vote for the Islamists

After thirty years under President Hosni Mubarak's iron grip on power, Cairo is alive with activism. In a roundtable earlier this month ... tags: Activists Arab Spring Islamist Mubarak Muslim Brotherhood policymic videonation

The Bad Guys (Zbigniew Brzezinski) Episode 102

Throughout history there has always been the 'bad guys.' The ones that you will see and hear about in this new show are the ones who are ... tags: Afghanistan al Qaeda Ayatollah bin Laden Carter cdc CIA