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Seth MacFarlane's Mansion Gets Toilet Papered

Someone must really hate Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane because his swanky Hollywood mansion got COVERED in toilet paper. tags: beverly hills charlie sheen colombia drugs family guy high school home


I met Kim in Wentzville, Missouri. Since 2002, which is when they lost their home, Kim and her family have been bouncing between cheap ... tags: families hardlynormal homeless homelessness horvath invisible people invisiblepeople

Plastic Bottle House

Why throw your garbage away when you could build a house out of it Presenting the plastic bottle house.. tags: Argentina bed bottle design diagonaluk education environment

A BIG thank you to Tom for his 'Blogathon'

24 hours blogging for the Homeless World Cup An Edinburgh-based Scottish football blogger is aiming to raise cash for the Homeless World ... tags: blogathon Cup Homeless Tom World youblogathon

HELPING HOMELESS YOUTH!!! - Please Donate! Thank You!

Donate Here Happy Thanksgiving I love you. I am thankful for you Any donation is so wonderful so THANK YOU Love, ... tags: 75 charity dowhateverittakes for Homeless It peron

Intervention: Follow-Up: Richard

Mondays at 9/8C on AE Richard shares his most moving experience in treatment as well as the improvements at home and with his family. tags: 911 aande addiction ae aetv celebrity cocaine

Intervention: Follow-Up: Andrew

Andrew gives a brief tour of the treatment facility and reflects on his family relationships before and after his sobriety. tags: 911 aande addiction ae aetv celebrity cocaine

Jim Jones -- Rap's Most Controversial Name

Jim Jones is a HUGE rapper -- but is he seriously named after the cult leader responsible for a gigantic mass suicide tags: cult hitler homeless jonestown kool aid library mass suicide

Carpool Guy

Joel is a hotshot ad exec angling for a promotion, but feels stuck- not least of all in traffic. Help arrives with a homeless man Joel pays ... tags: comedy family funny good_samaritan helping_others homeless life_changing